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Ácidos & About Angels and Animals - Jazz no Parque
20 JUL 2019
Members of the collective A Besta, André Calvário and João Sousa have specified the complicities engendered by several bands and projects in their duo Ácidos. They define this new adventure as a nucleus of experimental improvisation with a rock matrix, going the references of their constructions from the riffs of the so-called prog tendency (eg, King Crimson and Magma) to the stoner style of, for instance, the Kyuss, with occasional allusions to the entire history of combinations between this musical genre and jazz. For this concert they invite another duo who works in the crossed traditions of free jazz and improvised music - About Angels and Animals, formed by the saxophonists Julius Gabriel and Jan Klare, renowned for the way that they reconcile abstraction with energy, in search of an expression whose formal aspects include both spontaneous and sophisticated elements.
  • LocationPark
  • Schedule18h00 - 19h00
  • Days20 JUL 2019

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