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ADAM SZYMCZYK: "The Straight Line Is a Utopia"
11 FEB 2015
Polish curator Adam Szymczyk is curating the most important event in the calendar of contemporary art exhibitions - documenta 14 – that will be held in 2017. Documenta has been staged in the German city of Kassel since 1955, but this will be the first time that it will also be shown in another location. Alongside Kassel the exhibition will also he held in Athens, Greece. Just over two and a half years before its start date, this conference provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the genesis of preparing an exhibition that marks the contemporary artistic and critical discourse at the international level once every five years. The next edition will question contemporary art’s ability to open up a space of imagination and sociopolitical action. We invite our audience - artists, students, curators, critics and, above all curious onlookers and other interested parties - to learn more about Szymczyk’s curatorial practice and the philosophy and scope behind an exhibition of this nature in today’s world. 

Adam Szymczyk will be presented by Suzanne Cotter, director of Serralves Museum, who will also moderate this conference

Capacity: 250
Access: 3€ (students and seniors over 65: 50% discount; Members: free) 
Ticket Reservation: phone call +351 226 156 584 - your ticket will be available in the front desk until 1 hour before the event. 

Photo: Tadeusz Rolke, 2014
Adam Szymczyk (born 1970 in Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland) is Artistic Director of documenta 14. He was a co-founder of the Foksal Gallery Foundation in Warsaw, at which he worked as Curator from 1997 till 2003, when he assumed his new post as Director at Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland. In Basel, he organized exhibitions including Piotr Uklanski: Earth, Wind and Fire (2004); Tomma Abts (2005); Gustav Metzger: In Memoriam and Lee Lozano: Win First Don't Last Win Last Don't Care (both 2006); Micol Assaël: Chizhevsky Lessons (2007); Danh Võ: Where the Lions Are (2009); Moyra Davey: Speaker Receiver (2010); Sung Hwan Kim: Line Wall (2011); Paul Sietsema and Adriana Lara: S.S.O.R. (both 2012), as well as group shows including Strange Comfort (Afforded by the Profession) (with Salvatore Lacagnina, 2010); How to Work/How to Work (More for) Less (both in 2011); Michel Auder: Stories, Myths, Ironies, and Other Songs: Conceived, Directed, Edited, and Produced by M. Auder (2013) and Naeem Mohaiemen: Prisoners of Shothik Itihash (2014).
In 2008 he co-curated with Elena Filipovic the 5th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art under the title When Things Cast No Shadow and in 2012 he curated Olinka, or Where Movement Is Created at Museo Tamayo in Mexico City. He is a Member of the Board of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. In 2011, he was recipient of the Walter Hopps Award for Curatorial Achievement at the Menil Foundation in Houston.

  • LocationSerralves Auditorium
  • Schedule18h30 - 20h00
  • Days11 FEB 2015
  • Price€ 3,00

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