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10 FEB 2018

Jorge Silva Melo, Álvaro Lapa: A Literatura, 2008, 101 min.

In a journey between Viseu and Lisbon, Jorge Silva Melo reconstitutes for the actor Pedro Gil his relationship with Álvaro Lapa, the interviews he filmed with the artist, the years passed watching the growth of one of the most peculiar works in the Portuguese art scene. And the question: what is literature? A long journey of initiation, reviewing all pictorial and literary work and ending with Álvaro Lapa’s declaration: Available, available is youth. Even if it is incapable, destructive. But it’s available.

The screening is followed by a conversation with the film’s director Jorge Silva Melo and with the exhibition curator Miguel von Hafe Pérez.
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  • LocationSerralves Auditorium
  • Schedule17h30 - 19h30
  • Days10 FEB 2018
The Artistas Unidos theatre company was founded in 1995, when it created "António, a Boy from Lisbon", by Jorge Silva Melo. It staged performances with a large cast, plays about the here and now, or others from the past, that were explicitly political, during the company’s early days. The seminar, "Sem Deus nem Chefe” (Without a God nor Boss), held in the old factory building, the Antiga Fábrica Mundet, in Seixal, where five small productions were created, each coordinated by an actor who participated in the work, served as a test for the two and a half years work in A Capital / Teatro Paulo Claro, that was closed by Lisbon City Council on August 29, 2002. After this intense period, the company focused on contemporary stage plays: by Sarah Kane, Gregory Motton, Jon Fosse, David Harrower, Mark O’Rowe, Xavier Durringer, Spiro Scimone; Jorge Silva Melo, José Maria Vieira Mendes, Rui Guilherme Lopes and Francisco Luís Parreira among the Portuguese playwrights. The company also performed classics: by Melville, Kleist, Kafka, Beckett, Pinter. There were thirty premieres, several receptions, as well as co-productions, seminars, readings. After closure of A Capital, they performed works in various venues in Lisbon until they were hosted by the Teatro da Politécnica from 2012 onwards. The company produced several films about artists such as António Palolo, Joaquim Bravo, Alvaro Lapa, Angelo de Sousa, Bartolomeu Cid dos Santos, Nikias Skapinakis, António Sena, José de Guimaraes. It also organized exhibitions of artists such as Sofia Areal, Álvaro Lapa, Pedro Proença, Xana, Pedro Chorão, Miguel Ribeiro, Michael Biberstein, Ana Isabel Miranda Rodrigues, Sérgio Pombo, Barbara Lessing, Ana Vieira, Ângelo de Sousa, Manuel San Payo, Ivo, Nikias Skapinakis, Jorge Martins. 

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