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BES Revelação 2013 AWARD
from 26 NOV 2013 to 26 JAN 2014

The BES Revelação Award, a joint initiative between the Serralves Foundation and the Banco Espírito Santo, has made an outstanding contribution towards projecting new talent in Portuguese photography over the past nine years. This year’s edition will feature works by the shortlisted artists Diogo Evangelista, Nádia Ribeiro, and André Romão.

Curated by Filipa Ramos

Diogo Evangelista (Lisbon, 1984) will present a new video work drawing on the conventions of the fake documentary or ‘mockumentary’, to reflect upon what the artist calls the ‘archetypes of desert, dream, illusion, utopia and paradise’, associating ‘the planet Mars to a lost paradise, represented by the islands of Mauna Kea in Hawaii, Faial in the Azores, New Guinea in Indonesia, and Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

Nádia Rodrigues Ribeiro (Leiria, 1984) will present a series of over eighty photographic images that depict the gradual decay of a flower bouquet. A wide range of analogue photographic processes were used to develop the images, which accentuates the medium's relationship with temporality. 

André Romão (Lisbon, 1984) will present a video projection of a collage of the various fragments of the Parthenon’s western frieze that chronicles and synthesizes the history of the West through its own dismemberment (its fragments are scattered across various European museums).

This year’s edition of BES Revelação is curated by London and Milan-based curator and art critic Filipa Ramos. A curator of Vdrome (a programme of screenings of films by visual artists and filmmakers), Ramos was a former Associate Editor of Manifesta Journal and former Curator of the Research Section of Documenta 13 in 2012. She has been a guest curator at several public and private art spaces and is a regular contributor to several international publications.

  • LocationMuseum
  • Days 26 NOV 2013 - 26 JAN 2014

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