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from 15 MAY 2017 to 21 MAY 2017
In 2017 Serralves is organizing the fourth edition of BioBlitz, a lightning-speed inventory exercise of species, conducted with participation of the general public, in a unique initiative in one of Portugal’s historical and urban gardens.
Unlike a scientific inventory, which is limited to biologists and other researchers, BioBlitz is open to families, students, teachers and other community members, who will help researchers find plants and animals in Serralves Park. This is a unique opportunity to help expand the list of identified species, work with the scientific community and learn more about the fauna and flora of Serralves Park.

In 2016, the 3rd edition of BioBlitz Serralves conducted 684 observations of 125 species (including 20 species that hadn’t been observed in previous editions). The most frequently observed species were the common midwife toad, green frog, yellow-spotted salamander, Iberian newt, blackbird, white-toothed shrew and the rosemary beetle. The interactivity between participants and researchers was remarkable, not only with families on Saturday, but also with children who visited Serralves with their schools during the week. Undoubtedly, There’s life in the Park!

During the week (15-19 May) the programme will be dedicated to the participation of schools and during the weekend (20-21 May) is open the general public. 
The detailed programme will be available soon. 

For more information please contact c.almeida@serralves.pt 

What does BioBlitz mean?
"Bio” means life and "Blitz” means doing something quickly and intensively.
The objective is to find and identify the maximum number of species, in a specific area, a specific area, over a short period of time, functioning as a biological inventory.
How does it work?
The species are classified into different biological groups, such as plants, lichens, mushrooms, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, birds, micromammals. The end result of a BioBlitz is to count the number of species found in each of these groups.

How does it differ from other scientific inventories?
A scientific inventory is usually restricted to biologists and other researchers. A BioBlitz in addition to volunteer scientists, also involves families, students, teachers and other members of the local community.

Why organise a BioBlitz in Serralves?
Serralves Park is a fundamental part of the ecological structure of Porto, contributing to the potential diversity of habitats that occur in urban areas. BioBlitz helps increase existing knowledge and share it with the general public.

  • LocationSerralves Park
  • Days 15 MAY 2017 - 21 MAY 2017

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