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from 16 APR 2018 to 22 APR 2018
FROM 16 APR 2018 TO 22 APR 2018
16-20 APR: SCHOOLS (subject to prior registration)


BioBlitz Serralves 2018 aims to find and identify as many species (of fauna and flora) as possible, in Serralves Park, in a short period of time - thus functioning as a "lightning-speed biological inventory".
Bioblitz differs from other scientific inventories by virtue of the intense effort undertaken to bring together many different people - including specialists from various areas, volunteers, families, students, teachers and other community members - with the common goal of discovering the Biodiversity of a specific location.

This week is reserved for the participation of Schools. Students and teachers are invited to discover the biodiversity of Serralves Park, by participating in the following activities:
- Scientific and Pedagogical Workshops, guided by the team of Educators of Serralves’ Arts and Environmental Education Service, who will describe the context and explore 10 themes, from a scientific and pedagogical perspective.
- Field trips, led and guided by CIBIO-InBIO’s researchers - offering a unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience of the work undertaken by specialists in the field of Biodiversity inventories.
- Games (Bioquiz and Biodiversity "Every monkey on its own branch")
- Lipor Pedagogical Games ("Discover Biodiversity" and "Environment and Sustainability")
Subjects: Trees and shrubs; Amphibians; Bats; Micro-mammals; Lichens; Bryophytes; Birds; Reptiles; Insects; Mushrooms.
Hours: 9:30-12:30 and 14:30-16:30
Duration: 1h
Full programme: See here (pdf)
Access: free participation subject to prior registration (subject to stocking) - entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
Registration: fill out the registration form and the pre-registration form (which must be sent by e-mail to the Serralves Foundation Educational Service a / c Anabela Silva - a.silva@serralves.pt).
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A weekend dedicated to discovery and sharing of knowledge about Biodiversity! Participate in the learning process!
Entrance (10:00 am to 7:00 pm): Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa and Rua de Bartolomeu Velho, 141
Entrance to field trips between 8:00 a.m. to 22:00 and from 20:00 to 22:00
Bioblitz is distinguished by its ability to bring together different experts, volunteers, families, students, teachers and other members of the community - with the common goal of discovering Biodiversity.
Reasserting sharing as something that has educational, ethical, pedagogical and social value, on 21-22 April, Bioblitz Serralves 2018 invites families and the general public to participate in a diversified and fun programme, which will showcase many curiosities and particularities about the biological groups living in Serralves Park, including other approaches that are interlinked with Biodiversity and its importance:
- Scientific and pedagogical workshops
- Field trips with CIBIO-InBIO Researchers
- Thematic games with CIBIO-InBIO
- Thematic Workshops
- The performance, "Water" (Circolando - Cooperativa Cultural), with support from LIPOR

General access: free admission
This year can we count on your participation in Bioblitz?
The Volunteer Team supports and helps ensures that all visitors have an unforgettable experience!
There are several activities in which you can participate in Bioblitz as a volunteer - ranging from welcoming and reception of visitors, support for workshops, works in the Park, and much more!

Being a Volunteer means contributing to something bigger!
Being a Volunteer means making a commitment to support and foster sustainable development in the Serralves Foundation’s surrounding community and that of the partners with which the foundation interacts.

We’re waiting for your contact!

By Circolando - Cultural Cooperative
With the support LIPOR
A cross between installation, public art and performance. Three universes, three approaches and the invitation to circulate. Fragments, choices, loose ends, proximity and water reflected in various states and emotions. Words, storm, ice and blood will eventually forge a common frost. Micro-stories built around the imaginary universe linked to the element of water and climate change. Water-plastic, the poetics of water in the face of deregulation.
SAT: 16:00
SUN: 11:00
Duration: 1h
Location: Tennis Court

Concept: André Braga and Cláudia Figueiredo, inspired by an object by Pieter van der Pol
Co-creation and interpretation: Gil Mac, Graça Ochoa and Patrick Murys
Plastic design: Nuno Brandão, with the assistance of Nuno Guedes and Vítor Costa in the construction
Sound design: Gil Mac
Production: Ana Carvalhosa (direction) and Cláudia Santos
Technical direction: Francisco Tavares Teles

What does BioBlitz mean?
"Bio” means life and "Blitz” means doing something quickly and intensively.
The objective is to find and identify the maximum number of species, in a specific area, a specific area, over a short period of time, functioning as a biological inventory.
How does it work?
The species are classified into different biological groups, such as plants, lichens, mushrooms, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, birds, micromammals. The end result of a BioBlitz is to count the number of species found in each of these groups. In addition, the Bioblitz Serralves programme offers participation in numerous and diversified activities that allow a transverse and integral approach to Biodiversity, transforming our visitors into ambassadors of knowledge on Biodiversity, enabling them to replicate it within their range of action

Why organise a BioBlitz in Serralves?
Serralves Park is a fundamental part of the ecological structure of Porto, contributing to the potential diversity of habitats that occur in urban areas. BioBlitz helps increase existing knowledge and share it with the general public.

Have you found new species in Serralves?
Yes. Over the past four editions, dozens of new species have been added to the existing list of species for Serralves Park, particularly in lesser known groups, such as bryophytes, lichens and insects. Of course, the number of new species has been decreasing as we become better acquainted with the Park’s Biodiversity, which does not mean that there are no surprises: last year we discovered a species of insect unknown to date in Portugal!

The Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, an Associate Laboratory of the University of Porto, is a R & D unit that pursues basic and applied research in the field of biological sciences and, more specifically, in the main components of biodiversity: genes, species and ecosystems.

This Research Centre aims to promote the advancement of scientific knowledge in the aforementioned fields, collaborate in the definition of conservation priorities and management measures with the national and international conservation authorities and train students at the most diverse levels. In addition, in recognition of the importance of improving public understanding and appreciation for Biodiversity, the Centre establishes partnerships with leading institutions, such as the Serralves Foundation, with the objective of promoting scientific dissemination programs, with the involvement of its researchers in such activities.

Museum Director: João Ribas
Resources and Special Projects Director: Rui Costa
Commercial, Development and Communication Director: 
Miguel Rangel
Administrative and Financial Director: Sofia Castro

Environmental Educational Service: Anabela Silva, Carla Almeida, Helena Pinto, Mariana Roldão
CIBIO-InBIO, Project "Serralves 360º - Landscape and Biodiversity": Raquel Ribeiro, Teresa Matos Fernandes

Educators of the Arts and the Environment Educational Service: Anabela Pereira, André Rodrigues, Carla Veríssimo, Carlota Carqueja, Catarina Mota, Catavento-Projetos Educativos, Daniela Barbosa, Dina Marques, Inês Luís, Isabel Bessa, Isabel Pinto, Iuri Frias, Joana Santos, João Junqueira, José Costa, Juliana Duarte, Magda Silva, Marco Ramos, Mariana Moranduzzo, Melissa Rodrigues, Mundo Científico – Educação e Divulgação Científica, Pedro Alves, Sofia Lino, Virgínia Duro

Bioquiz and "Every monkey on its own branch" (CIBIO-InBIO):
Ana Perera, Catarina Pinho, Helena Gonçalves, Inês Miranda, Iolanda Rocha, Mafalda Ferreira, Patrícia Guedes, Raquel Ribeiro, Raquel Vasconcelos, Rita Fortuna, Teresa Matos Fernandes

Field Trips (CIBIO-InBIO):
Ana Perera, Angelica Crotini, Bárbara Santos, Catarina Rato, Clara Ferreira, Francisco Amorim, Guilherme Dias, Helena Hespanhol, Hugo Rebelo, Iolanda Rocha, Joana Faria, Joana Marques, Joana Paupério, José Manuel Grosso-Silva, Miguel Angel Carretero, Paula Portela, Pedro Andrade, Raquel Ribeiro, Ricardo Lopes, Teresa Matos Fernandes, Yuri Simone

Park Directors: Júlio Fonseca, Ricardo Bravo
Environmental Educational Service: Anabela Silva, Carla Almeida, Helena Pinto, Mariana Roldão
Park Maintenance Service: Ana Rocha, António Rocha, Augusto Moreira, Hugo Miranda, Jorge Ma

  • LocationSerralves Park
  • Days 16 APR 2018 - 22 APR 2018

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