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25 NOV 2017

Plants can only bloom in the spring, if winter nurtures them in the ground, autumn spreads their seeds to the wind, and summer ripens their fruits. Animals come and go, as it gets warmer or colder, and even human beings behave differently, in function of the joys and tasks of each season.

No season of the year makes any sense when viewed in isolation. It’s good to know how to contemplate the beauty of each season - this special kind of poetry that we not only perceive with the senses, but above all with the heart.

Born and raised in Porto, she has a B.Sc. Hons. degree in Nutrition Sciences. Most of her professional career has been involved in teaching and content management. However since she is interested in many things - from one end of the world to the other – over recent years she has been studying and has consolidated her experience in a wide range of areas, including reading and writing short stories and poetry, storytelling, and providing workshops on illustration and children’s crafts, photography and theatre.

She has a B.A. Hons degree in Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, and completed a postgraduate degree in Children's Books at the Universidade Católica. In the final year of the course she discovered the universe of illustration and since then has developed several works in this field. Usually surrounded by the world of letters she says she likes to leave her mark on life! She likes to discover new knowledge that can enrich her work - from textiles to silk screen prints. 
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