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Conference with Vital Moreira
13 NOV 2014
The Serralves Foundation and the AEP are jointly organising this conference with Professor Vital Moreira on "The Impact of the EU’s Foreign Trade Policy, in Portugal and in particular, the Agreement with the US."
Due to the increasing liberalization of international trade and foreign investment, national economies are increasingly open to the exterior. Foreign economic policy therefore assumes increasing importance.
As an EU member state, Portugal forms part of the foreign investment and trade policy of the EU, wherein the Union is responsible for defining and driving those policies.
Since at least 2006, the EU has embarked upon an aggressive policy of liberalization of foreign trade, via multilateral and bilateral agreements. Over recent years, important external trade agreements have been signed and entered into force with Korea, Colombia and Peru, among others. Recently an ambitious trade and investment agreement was signed with Canada. The many agreements currently under negotiation, include trade and investment agreements with Japan and the United States.
The transatlantic agreement is particularly important for Portugal, due to our significant and close relations with the United States.

Speaker: Prof. Vital Moreira (as a Member of the European Parliament, he chaired the International Trade Commission between July 2009 and June 2014).

Vital Moreira was born in 1944 (Vilarinho do Bairro, Anadia). He is a professor emeritus of the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra (FDUC), where he also obtained his bachelor's degree, master’s degree, PhD and aggregation in Public Law.
2. He has taught various disciplines over the years - constitutional law, administrative law, public law for economics, political science, human rights, etc. 
– He currently has teaching responsibilities in the master's degree in Law (discipline: EU Law) and Business Administration (discipline: public regulation), in the PhD programme in Public Law and in two post-doctoral programs at FDUC.
He has served for many years as Chairman of the Centre for Studies of Public Law and Regulation (CEDIPRE) and Deputy Chairman of Ius Gentium Conimbrigae / Human Rights Centre, both of FDUC. He is Co-ordinator of the postgraduate course on public regulation (CEDIPRE) and the postgraduate course in human rights and democracy (IGC). He has also served as the national director of the European Master's Degree in Human Rights (Venice) since its inception.
3. Alongside his academic activity, he has occupied various public offices over the years: as member of the Constituent Assembly (1975-76); member of the Assembly of the Republic (1976-82 and 1996-97); judge of the Constitutional Court (1983-1989); member of the "Venice Commission" of the Council of Europe (1998-2003); Chairman of the Committee of Projects for the Commemoration of the Centennial of the Republic (2007-2008); MEP (from 2009 to 2014).
4. He is author of an extensive academic work, including books such as A ordem jurídica do capitalismo (The legal order of capitalism) (1973), O direito de resposta na comunicação social (The right of reply in the media) (1994), Associações públicas e administração autónoma (public associations and autonomous administration) (1998), Autoridades reguladoras independentes (independent regulatory authorities) (with Fernanda Apples ) (2003), Constituição da República Portuguesa anotada (Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, annotated) (with JJ Gomes Canotilho) (4th ed, 2007/2010) and 'Respublica' europeia: Estudos de direito constitucional da União Europeia (European 'Respublica': Studies of constitutional law in the European Union) (2014).
He is the co-editor of the Revista de Direito Público da Economia (Journal of Public Economic Law) (Brazil) and a member of the editorial board of the Revista de Legislação e Jurisprudência (Journal of Law and Jurisprudence) (Coimbra).
He publishes a weekly opinion column in the Diário Económico newspaper (Lisbon).

  • LocationSerralves Library
  • Schedule21h30 - 23h00
  • Days13 NOV 2014

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