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Within the scope of the 25th anniversary commemoration of Environmental Education in Serralves, the Serralves Foundation organizes an international conference on the theme ‘Educating for the Common Heritage: from the Cultural Intangible to the Natural Intangible’.
Education, the Environment and Culture are now interconnected realities. With the Park as a privileged space for contemporary reflection on these areas, the Foundation intends not only to contextualize the trajectory of Environmental Education in the last 25 years, both in Portugal and abroad, but also to reflect on future perspectives.
As the functioning of the Earth System began to be discovered, environmental impacts were no longer viewed merely at the local scale but expanded human relations at the global scale. The worldwide recognition of this system signifies the recognition of our global interdependence.
An education towards the awareness of interdependence, and the construction of organization-level support for this unavoidable global dimension, constitutes one of the greater challenges facing our civilization.
At the global scale, the harmonizing of the interests of the entire humankind, including those of future generations, with the individual interests of each nation, implies the construction of an organizational concept to define this new Global Common. Defining the boundaries of the Earth System capable of supporting human life and avoiding the risk of catastrophic environmental changes will allow for the creation of a model for collective management of this Common Asset.
This conference will lay the foundations for the definition of those boundaries and rethink Environmental Education as an Education towards the Common Natural Heritage.
Conference Curators: Viriato Soromenho-Marques, Paulo Magalhães

The experience of the Serralves Foundation as a point of departure for the construction of a common ecological heritage of mankind.

09h30 Registration
10h00 Opening
- Luís Braga da Cruz, President of the Board of Directors of the Serralves Foundation
- Jorge Barreto Xavier, Secretary of State of Culture
10h15 Conference presentation
- Paulo Magalhães and Viriato Soromenho-Marques, Conference curators
10h30 Environmental Education and the Common Good - roots, dynamics and future.  
- Luísa Schmidt, Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon
11h00 Coffee break
11h30 Serralves and the Environment – the genesis of a project.
- Teresa Andresen, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto
12h00 Serralves Foundation Educational Department: 25 years working in Environmental Education. 
- Elisabete Alves and Rita Rocha, Head of Department /Education and Environment and PhD Student in Science Communication, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto
12h30 Discussion
- Moderation: João Almeida, Serralves Park Director

The Earth System as a new Global Common, scientific basis, complexity of indicators and the system as a heritage. 

14h30 Ensuring United Nations Trusteeship of the Global Commons
- Kul Gautam - Keynote Speaker - Former Assistant Secretary General of the UN and Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF
15h00 The Earth’s System as new Global Common. The recognition of a Natural Intangible Heritage as a structural basis of a global condominium. 
- Paulo Magalhães, Quercus/ Cesnova-Nova University of Lisbon
15h30 Measuring what, how and what for? The complexity of defining effective Indicators. 
- Sara Moreno Pires, Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra
16h00 Coffee break
- 16h30 Planetary Boundaries Updated: The scientific basis for the Earth System as Natural Intangible Heritage.
- Will Steffen, Australian National University, Planet Boundaries Initiative
17h00 There are planetary boundaries… so what? Defining the next legal step for a global governance of the Earth System.
- Alexandra Aragão, Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra
17h30 Discussion
- Moderation: Elizabeth Silva, UNESCO Portugal
Consequences of the recognition of the Natural Intangible Heritage. 
Values, metrics, economics and law.

10h00 Beyond Cost-Benefit: How to Evaluate the Natural Sources of Value? 
- Viriato Soromenho-Marques, Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon
10h30 The Ecological Footprint of nations: can human societies live within the Biosphere's biocapacity threshold?
- Alessandro Galli, Director of Mediterranean Programme, Global Footprint Network
11h00 Coffee break
11h30 An International Law of Ecocide - protecting the Earth's Right to Life.
- Polly Higgins, Arnae Naess Professor for Global Justice and the Environment at Oslo University
12h00 The eCOMMONy of the Natural Intangible Heritage
- Sander Jacobs, Research Institute for Nature and Forest INBO and Nuno Oliveira, CIGEST- ISG
12h30 Discussion
- Moderation: Arminda Deusdado, Farol de Ideias

The Natural Intangible Heritage as a structural condition for a common language and a global collective action.

14h30 Building a Commons Movement in support of the Earth Condominium Initiative.
- Lisinka Ulatowska, Co-founder and Coordinator of Commons Action for UN and the UN NGO Major Group Commons Cluster
15h00 Safeguarding the planet – a guardian for future generations.
- Catherine Pearce, Director of Future Justice, World Future Council
15h30 Protecting our Common Heritage: It is up to us All. 
- Rob Wheeler, UN Rep of Global Ecovillage Network and Co-founder of Commons Action for the United Nations
16h00 Coffee break
16h30 "Heritage" in the building of a common language - exploring the gains of pluralities.
- Lia Vasconcelos, Nova University of Lisbon 
17h00 From exploiters to managers of Nature – educating for a global citizenship.
- Nuno Ferrand de Almeida, Director of the Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources of the University of Porto
17h30 Discussion
- Moderation: Iva Miranda Pires, Nova University of Lisbon
18h00 Closing message
Paulo Lemos, State Secretary for the Environment
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