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from 17 DEC 2014 to 21 DEC 2014
The need for "evacuation of the voice" emerges as a process that is inseparable from dismantling the "face", as the representation of the "I" that is conveyed by capitalism. 
The final five performances within a set of ten, in which the artists will attempt, through their performances, to evacuate the voice from their bodies, via a process of "subjective depersonalization". 
Detachment from thinking, through refusal of "idiomatic aesthetic expressions of a generic nature" arises as a means of trying to "understand our psychological, physiological and neurobiological conditions, from an external perspective. "
These performances will be recorded and later published, together with the theoretical research carried out by the artists, thereby enabling further analysis.

Production and Performance: Mattin and Miguel Prado 

Born in the Basque Country, Mattin is a musician who is primarily associated with improvisation and noise. His exploration of sound is usually based on radical experimentation of the limits of oppositions, such as those between noise and silence, or between digital and physical. He has developed a special interest in the use of free software for improvisation, and use of techniques similar to those used by fluxus artists (such as sawing the computer case or physically attacking the computer).
Mattin studied Visual Arts and Art History in London and is also a film director, above all experimental or political short films.
He has also developed an extensive theoretical work on improvisation, free software and anti-copyright. He is co-editor of the book, "Noise & Capitalism", amongst other publications.
He regularly collaborates with a long list of other musicians connected to electroacoustic improvisation and noise, such as Radu Malfati, Eddie Prévost, Taku Unami, Junko, Tony Conrad. He is a member of La Grieta, Deflag Haemorrhage / Haien Kontra and the punk band Billy Bao. He manages the record label, W.M.O. / r and the netlabel Desetxea.

Miguel Prado is a musician and composer based in La Coruña. Since the mid-2000s he has performed regularly in improvisational contexts, either solo or in collaboration with Michel Henritzi, Michael Pisaro and Stephen O'Malley.
He has also been dedicated to works of theoretical research and provocation, in particular involvement in anti-copyright and plagiarism as dialectics of movement. His composition "Comedy Apories' was presented in 10-hour session per day in the 'Holidaymakers' exhibition in the MARCO museum in Vigo.

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