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18 DEC 2014
Mattin and Miguel Prado met in La Coruña in 2007 and since then have shared their mutual and long interest in the voice, in the context of improvisation and noise.
Since 2011 they have developed the project "Evacuation of the Voice" which includes Mattin’s Solo-LP "Object of Thought" and the text by Miguel Prado "Geotraumatical Evacuation of the Voice".

The need for "evacuation of the voice" emerges as a process that is inseparable from dismantling the "face" as a representation of the "I" conveyed by capitalism.
The artists present us with five final performances from a set of ten performances, in which they try, through performances, to evacuate the voice from their bodies, using a process of "subjective depersonalization".
The distancing from thinking, with refusal of "generic aesthetic idiomatic expressions" appears as a way of trying to "understand our psychological, physiological and neurobiological conditions, from an external perspective."

These performances will be recorded and later published, together with the theoretical research carried out by the artists, thus enabling future analysis.

Production and direction: Mattin and Miguel Prado

This event is included within "Evacuation of the voice" by Mattin and Miguel Prado: 5-performance concerts between 17-21 December 2014 in Serralves Auditorium.

Inserted in the "New Perspectives" programme, organized by the Serralves Museum, on questions of redefining art and respective reception.

"Serralves Ecossistema Criativo" Project co-financed by:
  • Schedule22h00 - 23h00
  • Days18 DEC 2014

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