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13 DEC 2016
Exclusive meeting for members for the exhibition "JOAN MIRÓ: MATERIALITY AND METAMORPHOSIS”.

The exhibition ‘Joan Miró: Materiality and Metamorphosis’ is based on the collection of 84 works by Miró, owned by the Portuguese State. This important exhibition is curated by Robert Lubar Messeri, a leading world expert in Miró's work. Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira will be responsible for the exhibition’s architectural design.
The exhibition covers a six-decade period in Joan Mirós's career - from 1924 to 1981. It focuses in particular on the transformation of pictorial languages that the Catalan artist first developed in the mid-1920s. The exhibition considers his artistic metamorphoses across the mediums of drawing, painting, collage and work in tapestry.
Miró’s visual thinking and the ways in which he negotiates between optical and tactile modes of sensation is examined in detail, as are the artist’s working processes.  
The exhibition comprises around 80 works by Joan Miró from the collection of 85 works, most of which have never previously been seen by the general public, including six of his paintings on masonite produced in 1936 and six "sobreteixims" (tapestries) of 1973. The exhibition is accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue with a lead essay by the curator.
Suzanne Cotter, Director of Serralves Museum, stated about the exhibition: "We are delighted to be able to contribute to a greater awareness and appreciation of the work of Joan Miró through what will be an authoritative and unique presentation of this singular collection”.
The exhibition ‘Joan Miró: Materiality and Metamorphosis’ is organised by the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art and is curated by Robert Lubar Messeri, with architectural design by Álvaro Siza Vieira.
She joined the Serralves Museum’s Educational Service in 2009, and has worked for the Service since then in the conception and orientation of Programmes for different audiences, in the context of art mediation for contemporary art.
She works in relation to art and its audiences in a wide variety of different contexts. She has worked with the Teatro Viriato, Viseu Municipal Council, the Comédias do Minho theatre company, the Cerveira International Art Biennial, the Maia International Art Biennial (2015) and  the Lapa do Lobo Foundation among others.
She is a higher education professor and lectured for the BA Hons degree in Arts and Multimedia, at Viseu Polytechnic Institute between 2010 and 2015.
She has BA Hons degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (FBAUP), a postgraduate degree in Cultural Management (ULHT, Lisbon), and Curatorial Studies (FBAUL / Gulbenkian). She is currently preparing her public defence of her PhD thesis in the Doctoral Programme in Art Education of FBAUP, entitled "the Imaginary Life of the Necessary Museum - Reflections on Art Mediation Practices in Contemporary Art", supervised by Nora Sternfeld.
She is also an independent curator and regularly participates in national and international conferences communications and is a member of nEA – the Art Education nucleus of i2ads – institute of research, design and society.

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  • Days13 DEC 2016

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