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Fail Better! & Théo Ceccaldi - Jazz no Parque
13 JUL 2019
Now with Albert Cirera and Marco Franco in substitution of João Guimarães and João Pais Filipe, Fail Better! invite Théo Ceccaldi for this concert, with whom the mentor of this band, Marcelo dos Reis, has played alongside in several contexts, beginning by Chamber 4 (which also includes Luís Vicente). Ceccaldi is a young violinist who is already one of the leading musicians in the French jazz scene. The music proposed by the quintet normally combines aspects of free jazz, post-bop, rock and even folk and country, in a trans-idiomatic understanding of improvisation (no scores or combined structures) that distinguishes and personalises it. Reinforced by Ceccaldi - the greatest current exponent of the violin lineage that began with Stéphane Grapelli and has also involved Jean-Luc Ponty –, the group is likely to gain even greater, and unpredictable, dimensions.
  • LocationPark
  • Schedule18h00 - 19h00
  • Days13 JUL 2019

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