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from 07 FEB 2017 to 16 APR 2017
The exhibition 'Music and Words: Works from the Serralves Collection' offers an itinerary through the Serralves Collection, encompassing works that, although created in different historic and geographic contexts, all incorporate the sound experience in their visual and conceptual discourses. 
Ranging from the aesthetic vision of the event, to the artist’s role as a performer, passing through experimental sound practices, the exhibition draws closer to the sound experience, from the perspective of its social dimension in the contemporary world. The materiality of sound, the power of the word as a sound tool, the sense of catharsis associated with musical elements and allusions to the frenetic aesthetics of music videos, delimit an itinerary through different proposals that are transversally linked to sound, music, and the word.

Tony Oursler, Ricardo Jacinto, Pedro Tudela, Luís Paulo Costa, Luisa Cunha, Dan Graham, Dara Birnbaum, Vasco Araújo. 
Production: Fundação de Serralves - Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto

- Museu Municipal de Caminha: Travessa do Tribunal (41°52'38.5"N 8°50'17.8"W)
Edifício do antigo Posto de Turismo: Largo do Posto de Turismo (41°52'38.8"N 8°50'18.7"W)
Torre do Relógio: Praça Conselheiro Silva Torres (41°52'33.8"N 8°50'19.9"W)
- Galeria de Arte Caminhense: Praça Conselheiro Silva Torres (41°52'31.7"N 8°50'19.8"W)

Image: Luís Paulo Costa, Drums, 2007, Coll. Fundação de Serralves - Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto, Portugal. Acquisition 2008. Photo: Filipe Braga, © Fundação de Serralves, Porto.

  • LocationCaminha
  • Days 07 FEB 2017 - 16 APR 2017

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