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"I am the one who brings flowers to her grave" of Hala Al-Abdallah
02 OCT 2014
Exiled for twenty-five years, Hala Abadallah reflects on loss and human resilience in a personal exploration of her homeland of Syria. The director weaves together interviews with three of her friends who left Syria for France many years ago with footage of her husband Youssef Abdelki, a painter, who we see reunited with his mother after a long hiatus. She embarks upon a journey through the Syrian landscape, seeks refuge by the sea, and contemplates of the power of poetry and the poetic in everyday life. This is a film about the almost forgotten life stories of Syrian dissidents. Between resignation and quiet hope, it takes an intuitive approach, unravelling layer by layer an image of Syria and the people who have chosen to live in exile, geographical exile, inner exile. This is a story of longing, a story of inner wounds. 

The Director will be present to make an introduction of the film and talk with the public.

"I am the one who brings flowers to her grave" (2006), 105’
Filming: Hala Al-Abdallah, Ammar El-Beik
Production: Les Films d'Ici
The film won the award for Best Documentary at the Venice International Film Festival in 2006. 

Programme related to the exhibition MARWAN: Primeiras obras 1962-1972

Photo: Courtesy of the Director
  • LocationSerralves Auditorium
  • Schedule21h30 - 23h00
  • Days02 OCT 2014
  • Price€ 3,00

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