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from 28 SEP 2014 to 12 OCT 2014
This is the third year running of the intergenerational project "I'm 25 years old" - the result of a partnership between the Municipality of Porto / Porto Social Foundation and the Serralves Foundation / Educational Service.
This project currently involves the senior citizens of the Bom Pastor (Cruz Vermelha) Day Centre and teenagers and young people from the António Cândido Centre. It’s based on the assumption that interaction between   different generations is a critical factor in achieving balance in the general education of young people and promoting an active, healthy and participatory aging process.
The project is developed around a role play game that is located in an imaginary "here" and "now", where everyone behaves like 25 year old adults. In this context, they travel and build worlds tailored to their dreams and ideas, in plastic and dramatic expression, storytelling and creative writing activities. "Endless Travels", the unifying theme of the project’s third edition, reflects the idea that our life project doesn’t end with hermetically sealed steps, and instead continues and grows, flowing from the living, everyone’s endless travels, that are always built via processes of permanent renewal.
This exhibition introduces participants to the most significant products and the records of the entire process.  

Institutional Support: Câmara Municipal do Porto and Fundação Porto Social

  • LocationLagar
  • Days 28 SEP 2014 - 12 OCT 2014

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