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from 30 SEP 2012 to 14 OCT 2012

"I’m 25 years old” is a project born from a partnership between Porto Municipal Council/Porto Social Foundation and the Serralves Foundation’s Educational Service involving a group of adolescents from the António Cândido Centre and a group of senior citizens from the retirement home, the Lar do Santíssimo Sacramento.
The name of this intergenerational project, "I'm 25 years old" aims to bring together the groups involved - establishing a link between them all. Past and future are thus mingled together, engendering a conflict-free relationship, a sharing of mutual experiences, a healthy atmosphere during the meetings. The workspaces were provided by the two participating institutions and by Serralves. The activities emphasised debate, artistic expression and creative writing. The learning experiences ensued in an interesting manner. This exhibition shows the highlights from this 6-month experience. The project will continue and it seems to us that it has reached a key moment: the age differences between the participants are now viewed as an asset.

Opening: 30 September, during Autumn Feast.

Visiting Hours: Tue-Sun, from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00.
  • LocationLagar - Espaço.Parque
  • Days 30 SEP 2012 - 14 OCT 2012

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