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International Day of Monuments 2015
18 APR 2015
The International Day for Monuments and Sites was created by ICOMOS on April 18, 1982 and was approved by UNESCO in 1983. The event aims to raise awareness about the diversity and vulnerability of heritage and the efforts involved in heritage protection and recovery.
Celebrations will be organised all over Portugal, this year under the theme "Know, Explore, Share": know – in order to explore more fully the potential of heritage resources in contemporary society and share everything that surrounds us, preserving local identity and the connection to local communities, in view of an increasingly globalized world. 

Access: free entry and participation 


16:00 | Conversation in the exhibition "Can a museum be a garden?", Museum Galleries
Around the concept of walking ... with Maria João Fonseca, landscape architect, and with the artists Joana Escoval and Nuno Luz, moderated by the curator, Margarida Mendes.
Based on the strong relationship that many Portuguese artists maintain with nature, bucolism, or even the work of Thoreau, this session, co-ordinated by Margarida Mendes, curator of The Barber Shop project, aims to provide a forum for people to talk about walking or rambling as an essential tool for reflection.
Max. no. of participants: 30
Access: Free, subject to collecting a ticket (issued on the day) 

15:30-17:00 | Seasonal Visit - Spring in Serralves Park
During spring time, Serralves Park is reborn, as it grows and renews itself. The emptiness of winter is utterly transformed - as the flowers, colours and aromas return in full. Witness this transformation of the Park’s vegetation.
Design and coordination: João Almeida, Director of Serralves Park
Meeting point: in the foyer of Serralves Museum
Max. no. of participants: 30 35 adults
Access: Free, subject to collecting a ticket (issued on the day) 

Guided tours of the exhibitions by Educational Service monitors
16:00-17:00 | in English
18:00-19:00 | in Portuguese
On the basis of a diverse programme of contemporary art exhibitions, a guided tour provides a framework and unique context, enabling participants to become familiar with contemporary artistic production.
Max. no. of participants: 30
Access: Free, subject to collecting a ticket (issued on the day)

21.30 | nocturnal visit to Serralves Park
At nightfall, the Park’s landscape transforms into a fascinating environment of nocturnal sounds and silhouettes cut out against the firmament. We will share this fascination in this unique nocturnal visit to Serralves Park.
Meeting point: Museum reception (duration: 1 hour 30 mins)
Max. no. of participants: 30 (each participant should bring a flashlight)
Access: Free, subject to collecting a ticket survey available on the day, from 21:00 onwards

  • LocationSerralves Museum and Park
  • Schedule10h00 - 23h00
  • Days18 APR 2015

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