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Ivo Perelman / Marcio Mattos / António “Panda” Gianfratti (Brazil)
03 JUL 2016
World premiere of a Brazilian trio, that has never performed together until now, for purely geographical reasons, and will now stage a joint concert at the initiative of Jazz in the Park. Ivo Perelman moved to the United States in the early 1980s, and began to record albums that made him one of the world’s greatest contemporary tenor saxophonists. Marcio Mattos has lived in the UK for the past four decades, where he has become an important figure in the London free improvisation scene, and Antonio "Panda" Gianfratti who has remained in his home city of S. Paulo where he is seen as a key figure in the world of creative music. The first two artists have also achieved fame in the field of the fine arts - Perelman as a painter and Mattos as a potter. This concert will be completely open, revolving around the combined legacies of John Coltrane, Albert Ayler, John Stevens and Derek Bailey.

Ivo Perelman: tenor saxophone
Marcio Mattos: cello
António "Panda” Gianfratti: drums, percussion

  • LocationTennis Court (Serralves Park)
  • Schedule18h00 - 19h00
  • Days03 JUL 2016
  • Price€ 10,00

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