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Jazz in the Park 2013, 22nd edition
from 14 JUL 2013 to 28 JUL 2013

In line with the programming principle of bringing together the best international musicians and the best national projects, this year’s edition will highlight Portuguese musicians, offering them one of the most prestigious stages to present their work and an incentive to persevere in their creative process.

The presentation of the project ‘100 Umbrellas’, a work by saxophonist José Menezes based on the music of Eric Satie, underscores two crucial aspects of the reality of Portuguese jazz: experimentation and the clandestine existence to which this type of exploratory work is often condemned. 

The band ‘Mingus Project’, led by double bass player Nelson Cascais, points to an essential pillar of jazz: generational renewal and musical apprenticeship, through the double perspective of academic and experiential learning. A professor at ESML, Nelson Cascais gathered around the musical legacy of one of the greatest jazz composers, Charles Mingus, some of his most outstanding pupils, who now ensure an indispensable continuity. This renewal is deeper and faster the more it is built upon the daily musical and human sharing of experience accumulated by ‘veteran’ musicians.

Jazz in the Park 2013 will close with Carlos Bica’s ‘Trio Azul’. The presence of this musician evokes an historical reality which has decisively helped to create and consolidate the universality of jazz across the board — the intercontinental artistic migration that brought jazz musicians from the USA to Europe (and then to Asia) and which, afterwards, took European musicians to the Americas. Indeed, Carlos Bica is a rare example of a Portuguese jazz musician ‘exiled’ in Europe (Germany) where he became the leader of his own international trio (together with a German and an American musician).

JOSÉ MENEZES – 100 Umbrellas (14 JUL)
José Menezes –  saxophones
Gonçalo Marques –  trumpet
Mário Delgado – guitars
Carlos Barretto – double bass
José Salgueiro – drums
NELSON CASCAIS – Mingus Project (21 JUL)
Nelson Cascais – double bass
Diogo Duque –  trumpet
Ricardo Toscano –  saxophones
Victor Zamora – piano
Vasco Furtado – drums

CARLOS BICA ? Trio Azul (28 JUL)
Carlos Bica – double bass
Frank Mobus – guitar
Jim Black – drums
This year, the concerts of Jazz in the Park will take place at 6 p.m. on Sundays (14, 21, 28 JUL) 

  • LocationTennis Court
  • Schedule18h00 - 19h00
  • Days 14 JUL 2013 - 28 JUL 2013

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