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from 02 JUL 2017 to 16 JUL 2017
The concept for the 26th edition of Jazz in the Park was just one: to bring together musicians from Portugal and abroad in projects created specifically to be presented on stage at the Serralves Tennis Court.

Curator: Rui Eduardo Paes
Related Activities
2 JUL: Spinifex Plus [NL/PT/US] – world premiere

Tobias Klein (alto saxophone); John Dikeman (tenor saxophone); Bart Maris (trumpet); Jasper Stadhouders (electric guitar); Gonçalo Almeida (electric bass guitar); Philipp Moser (drums)
+ Francisco Andrade (tenor saxophone); João Martins (baritone saxophone); Luís Vicente (trumpet); Eduardo Lála (trombone); Gil Gonçalves (tuba)

Specifically thought about for this participation at Jazz in the Park, Spinifex Plus are a derivation of the Spinifex Maximus formula, which brought together musicians from several nationalities to the Spinifex quintet to form a big band, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of the project in 2015. Made even denser and more powerful by a section of eight wind instruments, their characteristic music intersects the energy and riffs of metal with jazz in melodies whose inspiration comes from India and Turkey. Five Portuguese musicians join the Dutch band for this concert, which already includes an extra element, American saxophonist John Dikeman.
9 JUL: Rodrigo Amado Northern Liberties [PT/NO] – world premiere

Rodrigo Amado (tenor saxophone); Thomas Johansson (trumpet); Jon Rune Strom (double bass); Gard Nilssen (drums)

Jazz in the Park challenged Rodrigo Amado, a leading figure in national creative jazz who has already achieved widespread recognition abroad, to form a ‘Norwegian’ band. Here is the premiere of his project, with members from Scandinavian bands such as Cortex, All Included, Bushman’s Revenge and Puma, which represent a vast range of tendencies. The project will continue in the near future with the planned recording and release of an album. In a context of total improvisation, the musicians will approach the distinctive principles of free jazz and hard bop with a full on energy that never looses sight of detail and nuance.
16 JUL: Joelle Léandre X 5 [FR/PT/ES] – world premiere

Joelle Léandre (double bass, voice); Susana Santos Silva (trumpet, flugelhorn); Maria Radich (voice, dance); Maria do Mar (violin); Joana Guerra (cello, voice); Angélica V. Salvi (harp, electronics)

With Feminist Improvising Group and Les Diaboliques, double bass player Joelle Léandre confronted, from the 1970s onwards, male domination in the world of jazz, questioning a certain prevailing tendency towards male chauvinism and misogyny and becoming an icon of women’s lib in music. In this concert she appears as the pivotal element in a Portuguese female band (including a Spanish living in Porto, Angelica V. Salvi), which pays homage to her trajectory of resistance and differentiation. All members share a vast experience in improvisation and some of them have also developed their activity in other musical areas, from contemporary music to rock.

  • Days 02 JUL 2017 - 16 JUL 2017

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