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Jazz in the Park, 23rd Edition
from 05 JUL 2014 to 27 JUL 2014
With a new direction, a new format - four concerts instead of the usual three - and a new curator (the essayist and jazz critic Rui Eduardo Paes), Jazz in the Park aims to highlight how jazz traditions have been rejuvenated as a result of emerging trends in the 21st century. Creative proposals that are currently emerging in the European continent include groups such as Pata Generators and Cuarteto Europe. The former returns to the principles of Alfred Jarry’s Pataphysics while the latter seeks a common language between musicians from Spain, France and Switzerland. The programme also includes a pioneer in the field of improvisation in Portugal - Carlos "Zingaro" - who will play alongside two exponential figures of nonconformist American jazz and rock - Fred Lonberg-Holm and Chris Corsano. There will also be a concert by a large-scale "ensemble", featuring some of the finest musicians from Porto - combining members of the Porta-Jazz and Sonoscopia associations - who ignore distinctions between "mainstream" and the avant-garde, and instead draw inspiration from the rich flora of Serralves Park. 
Starting with its 23rd edition, on every weekend in July, Jazz in the Park will be the same, but different ... ?


05 Jul (Sat), 18:00
Norbert Stein Pata Generators (Germany / USA)
Norbert Stein (saxophone tenor); Michael Heupel (flute); Ryan Carniaux (trumpet); Joscha Oetz (double bass); Christoph Haberer (drums)
NOTICE: Due to adverse weather conditions, this concert was postponed until 20:00 in the Serralves Auditorium.
12 Jul (Sat), 18:00
Carlos "Zíngaro” / Fred Lonberg-Holm / Chris Corsano (Portugal / USA)
Carlos "Zíngaro” (violin, electric guitar, electronics); Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello, electric guitar, electronics); Chris Corsano (drums)

19 Jul (Sat), 17:00
Baldo Martínez Cuarteto Europa (Spain / France / Switzerland)
Baldo Martínez (double bass); Dominique Pifarely (violin); Samuel Blaser (trombone); Ramón López (drums, percussion)

27 Jul (Sun), 18:00
Branches (Portugal)
Susana Santos Silva (trumpet, baritone horn – Porta-Jazz); João Pedro Brandão (saxophones, flute – Porta-Jazz); Alberto Lopes (strings, non-conventional instruments – Sonoscopia); José Alberto Gomes (electronics – Sonoscopia); Hugo Raro (piano – Porta-Jazz); Henrique Fernandes (double bass, non-conventional instruments – Sonoscopia); (José Carlos Barbosa: double bass – Porta-Jazz); Gustavo Costa (percussion, non-conventional instruments – Sonoscopia)

Ticket (session): 10,00 €
Students, Seniors over 65 years, Friends of Serralves (session): 5,00 €
  • LocationTenis Court
  • Days 05 JUL 2014 - 27 JUL 2014

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