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28 JUL 2013

Carlos Bica – double bass
Frank Mobus-guitar
Jim Black - drums

"Things About" is the title of the latest album by Carlos Bica and his trio AZUL, released in October 2012 by the Clean Feed label. 

If you ask a foreigner to name one Portuguese musician in the field of jazz and improvised music the answer is often ... Carlos Bica. In various contexts, he has spread the sweet perfume of his double bass and his songs charting the seven corners the world. Among his various musical projects and beyond his participation in other areas, such as theatre, dance and cinema, his trio AZUL, involving guitarist Frank Möbus and drummer Jim Black, has become the hallmark of this bassist and composer. Bica commenced his personal discography in 1996 alongside these two musicians, who already form an integral part of the project’s musical personality. Both the album and group were called Azul. Working alongside the musicians Frank Möbus (guitar) and Jim Black (drums), Carlos Bica created the ideal showcase for his compositions. The trio has stayed together and matured its musical identity - which is now blurred with that of Carlos Bica - and it was via the group that the double bass player once again revealed remarkable results in 1999, with Twist, in 2003, with Look What They've Done To My Song; and with Believer, in 2006. During this period he has also released other albums that have contributed to enrichment of the Portuguese musical universe, such as "Diz", "A Chama do Sol"" or "Single". 

15 years since the release of his first album, Bica has returned to the studio with his longtime companions, to record what will be the fifth album from this trio, which keeps its original lineup intact, in a rare empathy that has contributed to Carlos Bica’s international recognition.

  • LocationTenis Court Serralves Park
  • Schedule18h00 - 19h30
  • Days28 JUL 2013
  • Price€ 10,00

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