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Jazz no Parque 2015 - 24th edition
from 05 JUL 2015 to 19 JUL 2015
Because jazz is born from the intersection with other musical traditions and throughout its evolution has assimilated aspects from various musical languages, the 24th edition of Jazz in the Park positions jazz music in relation to other traditions that are either close, or very distant.
The event will begin with a performance by I.Overdrive Trio who will present their own interpretation of the rock songs by Syd Barrett, which he composed for the group Pink Floyd, during their early years, and his short solo career, before retiring due to his state of dementia. This will be followed by the Human Evolution Project, of Alberto Conde and Shakir Khan, which establishes a bridge between jazz, Indian classical tradition and Galician popular music, in project that has been described under the category of world jazz, whose aim is to explore common aspects in a Eurasia, that is not as mythical a construct as it might first seem. Finally, the Hugo Carvalhais Trio (including the saxophonist Liudas Mockunas) will be joined by three percussionists from Drumming GP, for the premiere of a work with clear influences of contemporary music.
Another general characteristic of the programme is the creation of the kind of impact and empathy that is more often found in an outdoor concert, in a plural offer that, besides representing the multiplicity of paths found within contemporary jazz, has the particularity of combining strong and captivating proposals for the ear.

Programme: Rui Eduardo Paes

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5 jul: I.Overdrive Trio (France)

The I.Overdrive Trio was founded to develop its own interpretation of songs by Syd Barrett - founding member of Pink Floyd. Mentally affected by abuse of psychotropic drugs, he ultimately retired from the world of music to live in permanent seclusion. Subsequently, Gordiani, Gaudillat and Tocanne started to explore the music of another great composer, Leo Ferré, and also began to compose their own songs, always inspired by Syd Barrett. The resulting music is halfway between jazz and post-rock, with typical sounds of psychedelic music.

Philippe Gordiani: electric guitar
Remi Gaudillat: trompet
Bruno Tocanne: drums

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12 jul: Alberto Conde Human Evolution Music Project (Spain/India/Portugal)

With human evolution as his guideline, the project by the Galician pianist and composer Alberto Conde and the Indian master of the sitar Shakir Khan, is inspired by the fact that the continents of Europe and Asia are essentially one and the same, in view of the elements in common between music played in the West and the East. The Human Evolution Project focuses on jazz and Indian music (and sounds from the folk tradition of Galicia, which has always been present in Alberto Conde’s compositions). The special guests are Portuguese musician, José Valente, on the viola, complemented with electronic music by the DJ, B.O.U.L.E.

Alberto Conde: piano
Shakir Khan: sitar
Vikas Tripathi: tablas
Xosé Miguélez: saxofone tenor, flauta, gaita-de-foles
B.O.U.L.E.: electrónica 
José Valente: viola

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19 jul: Hugo Carvalhais Quartet & Drumming GP (Portugal/Lituania)

Already considered one of the most important Portuguese jazz musicians, though he only recently appeared on the music scene, Hugo Carvalhais has won the favour of international critics and connoisseurs of this genre, with a 21st century jazz style that respects the past but has a keen sense of contemporaneity. This version of the Hugo Carvalhais trio includes music by the innovative Lithuanian saxophonist Liudas Mockunas. The concert also includes three members of Drumming GP elements who will play a variety of percussion instruments – including the vibraphone and marimba. World premiere.

Hugo Carvalhais: contrabaixo
Liudas Mockunas: saxofones tenor e soprano
Fábio Almeida: 
saxofones tenor e alto
Mário Costa: bateria
Rui Rodrigues: percussão
João Tiago Dias: percussão
Nuno Aroso: percussão
Suse Ribeiro: desenho de som

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  • LocationSerralves Tennis Court
  • Schedule18h00 - 19h00
  • Days 05 JUL 2015 - 19 JUL 2015
  • Price€ 22,50

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