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JAZZ NO PARQUE 2016 - 25th edition
from 03 JUL 2016 to 17 JUL 2016
The 25th edition of Jazz in the Park will be especially dedicated to "home-grown talent." There will be two closing concerts in this year’s edition, the first of which features a new surprising group, Slow is Possible, formed by young talented Portuguese musicians. The second closing concert features the consecrated Red Trio, which has received the highest praise from international critics. The latter will perform for the first time with the Finnish musician, Raoul Bjorkenheim, a well-known guitarist for jazz lovers. who have followed the records released by ECM and Rune Grammofon. This year’s programme has two main lines of force: the inclusion of names who have made a clear commitment to innovation and the formal freedom of their music (the brand-new group comprised by Ivo Perelman, Marcio Mattos and Antonio "Panda" Gianfratti and Red Trio, in an electric version) and the presentation of projects that give jazz a cinematic dimension (Nani García Cinemajazzia and Slow is Possible). The musicians come from Portugal, Galicia and Brazil, in a cultural framework that reflects Portuguese history (the country’s Galician-Portuguese origins and the discovery of other countries) and symbolically transports this long history to the present day.

Programme: Rui Eduardo Paes

  • LocationTennis Court (Serralves Park)
  • Schedule18h00 - 19h00
  • Days 03 JUL 2016 - 17 JUL 2016

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