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from 06 JUL 2019 to 20 JUL 2019
The 28th edition of Jazz in the Park fosters collaborations between groups and Portuguese individual musicians with international artists, aiming to build stronger relationships between the Portuguese music scene and other countries. Thereby, composer and drummer Pedro Melo Alves invites the North American Mark Dresser and French Eve Risser for a new project; Fail Better! will perform with their special guest Théo Ceccaldi (France); and the duo Ácidos will perform with another duo, from Germany, About Angels and Animals, in pursuit of the universalistic ideal of jazz at the beginning of a new millennium. Always forging new paths for everyone involved, and proposing several world premieres.
Pedro Melo Alves’ in igma
(Portugal / United States / France)
World premiere
Pedro Melo Alves: drums, electronics;
Mark Dresser: double bass;
Eve Risser: piano, prepared piano;
Abdul Moimême: prepared electric guitar;
Aubrey Johnson: vocals;
Mariana Nunes: vocals;
Beatriz Nunes: vocals

Winner of the Bernardo Sassetti Composition Award in 2017 and one of the most acclaimed figures of the new generation of Portuguese jazz, Pedro Melo Alves has been developing a path of musical research that combines elements of jazz and contemporary classical music. In addition to his contributions to the group, The Rite of Trio and its Omniae Ensemble, he has already been exploring these currents in the projects Symph and O. in igma is a new venture from this Porto-based musician, involving leading musicians from the international scene, such as Mark Dresser and Eve Risser. Dresser is one of the world’s leasing double bass players for almost four decades and Risser has amazingly reformulated the piano’s distinctive capacities. This musical formation, which will stage its world premiere, also includes Abdul Moimême, Portugal’s leading musician in the field of electroacoustic improvisation, and three singers with blossoming careers - Aubrey Johnson, Mariana Nunes and Beatriz Nunes – who together form a highly unusual instrumental septet.
Fail Better! & Théo Ceccaldi
(Portugal / Spain / France)
World premiere

Marcelo dos Reis: electric guitar;
Albert Cirera: soprano and tenor saxophones;
Luis Vicente: trumpet;
José Miguel Pereira: double bass;
Marco Franco: drums + Théo Ceccaldi (violin)

Now with a new formation - with Albert Cirera and Marco Franco in substitution of João Guimarães and João Pais Filipe - Fail Better! invite Theo Ceccaldi for this concert, with whom their mentor, Marcelo dos Reis, has played alongside in several contexts, including, in particular, Chamber 4 (which also includes Luis Vicente). Ceccaldi is a young violinist who is already one of the leading musicians in the French jazz scene. The music proposed by the quintet normally combines aspects of free jazz, post-bop, rock and even folk and country music, in a trans-idiomatic understanding of improvisation (no score or combined structures) that distinguishes and personalises it. But with Ceccaldi - the greatest current exponent of the lineage of the violin that began with Stéphane Grapelli and has also involved Jean-Luc Ponty – the group is likely to gain even greater, and unpredictable, dimensions.  

Ácidos & About Angels and Animals
(Portugal / Germany)
World premiere

Ácidos – André Calvário: electric bass, João Sousa: drums; 
About Angels and Animals – Julius Gabriel: baritone and tenor saxophones; Jan Klare: alto and bass saxophones

Members of the collective A Besta, of which both are also members of the group, Cardíaco, André Calvário and João Sousa have specified the complicities engendered by this and other musical projects in their new duo, Ácidos. They define this duo as a nucleus of experimental improvisation with a rock matrix, exploring the references of their constructions - through prog riffs (eg, King Crimson and Magma) to Kyuss-style stoner, with occasional references to the entire history of associations between this musical genre and jazz - from the Mahavishnu Orchestra to Fire! by Mats Gustafsson. For this concert they will invite another duo, on the saxophones, who work in the combined traditions of free jazz and improvised music - About Angels and Animals, formed by the musicians, Julius Gabriel and Jan Klare – who are renowned for the way that they reconcile abstraction with energy, in search of an expression whose formal aspects include both primary and sophisticated elements. 

  • Days 06 JUL 2019 - 20 JUL 2019

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