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Launch and Autograph Session: "Industry and Intelligence - Contemporary Art Since 1820"
09 APR 2016
With the artist Liam Gillick and Suzanne Cotter, Director of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art.

The history of modern art is often told through aesthetic progress that runs in tandem with cultural and political changes. From Courbet to Picasso, from Malevich to Warhol, it is accepted that art accompanies the disruptions of industrialisation, fascism, revolution and war. However, filtering the history of modern art solely on the basis of catastrophic events, cannot explain the subtle developments that lead to profound confusion in the heart of contemporary art.
In Industry and Intelligence - Contemporary Art since 1820, Liam Gillick writes a complete genealogy with many nuances, which helps us to understand contemporary art’s commitment to history, even when it seems dull or blind to contemporary events.

Liam Gillick (1964 Aylsbury, UK) lives and works in New York. "Campaign", which can be seen at the Serralves Museum of January 28, 2016 and January 8, 2017, is the first exhibition of this influential artist in Portugal and exemplarily reflects his commitment to questions of process, participation and community. Gillick’s concern with the relationship between the work of art and architecture is manifested in his specific approach to the spaces designed by Álvaro Siza.

Technical Credits
Date of publication: March 2016
ISBN: 9780231170208
208 pages
50 Illustrations B&W
Format: Hardback

  • Schedule17h30 - 18h30
  • Days09 APR 2016

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