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29 APR 2017
Serralves Bookshop presents the new book, "Cadernos de Imagens" (Image Notebooks). 
This is the first time that the photographs by Ângelo de Sousa - one of Portugal’s most eminent contemporary artists – are compiled in a book.
The book launch will take the form of a talk about this special collector's edition. The participants will talk about Ângelo de Sousa’s photographic production and its importance within his oeuvre.
The participants include Sérgio Mah (coordinator of the publication), Miguel de Sousa (Ângelo de Sousa’s son), Bernardo Pinto de Almeida (moderator) and Madalena Alfaia (in representation of the publisher, Tinta-da-china).
The general public will have the opportunity to intervene in the discussion, with questions and comments. The guests will also provide further clarifications about the book’s contents and publication process.
This will be an opportunity to remember the artist, and discover one of the most overlooked aspects of his oeuvre, which is gathered here for the first time in a book.

"Cadernos de Imagens"
A box with eight photography books (Bilingual, Collector's Limited Edition)
Ângelo de Sousa | Sérgio Mah (coord.)
Cadernos de Imagens is a collection of books that brings together Ângelo de Sousa’s most important photographic series. Given its concrete character and prodigious diversity, this offers a new perspective on the oeuvre of this extraordinary artist, who worked in multiple disciplines - drawing, painting, sculpture, film - and found a field of immense and profitable creative possibilities in photography, which allowed him to continue and expand transversal aspects that spanned his entire artistic work.
Publisher: Tinta da China

  • LocationSerralves BookShop
  • Schedule16h00 - 17h00
  • Days29 APR 2017

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