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LAUNCH OF THE ARTIST’S BOOK: "1, 2, 3 .. e recomeça outra vez "
21 MAY 2016
With the illustrator Evelina Oliveira.

Presentation / launch of the author's edition: "1, 2, 3 .. e recomeça outra vez" (1, 2, 3 ... and start again) inserted in an exhibition in the form of an Installation of artist’s books, with projection of the short film: Castelos nas Nuvens (Castles in the Clouds).

Seeing castles in the clouds ... it's common to see images that seem to have meaning in the clouds. Anyone who has ever looked at clouds in the sky will have been able to glimpse an animal or object in their amorphous formations? Both for children and adults, this is a way to spend time with friends, in a fun and challenging game that everyone surely must have experimented.
This is the matrix of the project 1, 2, 3 ... a book-object that acts as catalyst of interactions between parents / carers as well as an object of self-enjoyment.
Conceived for participants of all ages, transforming it into a counting game-book, a graphic diary to be developed, a book with stories to be finished and coloured in, but also to draw and stamp, based on the clues left by the stamp prints and sequences which induce various paths in exploration of this world.
To categorize this book-object, we enter a word game in which everyone can choose according to the use that they intend for it. However I leave a challenging proposal that shares the same process of decoding in the construction of meanings from the forms we see in the clouds : a book of clues.
The exhibition of artist books / intervened books complements the underlying matrix of this project.
They are books transformed through interventions with collages, cuttings and games of "hide / show", parts of text. Subverting the message re-creates a new discourse, revealing a game that has been started by me as an author but that enriches the book-object in the multiplication of meanings that each reader / viewer gives it, through personal inferences and interpretation.

Abrantes 1961.
Master in Artistic illustration with "The Book - object without text (picture-book): a pedagogical genre, catalyst of narratives in the area of Design and Visual Arts”, University of Évora in 2013.
She is a member of the management team of Árvore - Cooperative of Artistic Activities, where she has developed various design projects and training workshops. She started the Artistic Illustration Course and Book Illustration for Children Workshop in SNBA.
Since 2002 she has illustrated books for children and young people, by various authors, including Alice Vieira, Bernardette Costa, Carla Manuela Mendes, Gilda Barata Nunes, Jorge Marmelo, José António Gomes, José Jorge Letria, Manuel António Pina, Manuel Mendes, Mário Cláudio, Nikolai Gogol, among others.
She has also participated as an illustrator in several editorial projects, at the invitation of the designer, Luís Mendonça: calendars, diaries and texts inserted into illustrated albums, the most recent of which is the "Invasão da Casa Andresen” (Invasion of the House Andresen).
As a fine artist she regularly exhibits her paintings and drawings, while in parallel she has developed projects involving ceramics, installations in shop windows, interventions in furniture designed by artists (Luisa Peixoto) and clothing with Arq.Com.

Solo exhibitions (selection)
2014: Boca(s) de Cena - Sculptor José Rodrigues Foundation, Porto | Cabinet de Curiosités - Abel Salazar House Museum, José Rosinhas Art Gallery Wall, S. Mamede de Infesta;
2013: Boca(s) de Cena - TEC, Cascais | Bed-cloud or unfinished story of an interrupted dream - Livraria.Velhotes, Vila Nova de Gaia | The secret life of insects - Gallery Ó, Porto | Love is in the air - Galeria Porto Cruz, Vila Nova de Gaia;

Group Exhibitions (selection)
2014: Invasion of the Casa Andresen | Exhibition illustrations of a book object,
2013: Incorporated Work, Org.ARQ.COM | Maison et objet scènes d'interieur Paris - intervened works by Luisa Peixoto Design, Paris | Árvore – 50 years, 50 Women, Porto | Inhabited drawings - Palácio D. Manuel, organised by the University of Évora, Évora | Peter Pan and Neverland - 4th Encounter of Children/ Youth Literature -, Almeida Garrett Library, Porto | Árvore 50 years of Graphic Work in the Assembly of the Republic - Lisbon | What the hell is Bootsbau - Bootsbau Gallery, Berlin? | Alternative Spaces III - exhibition of artist’s books - Jose Rosinhas, Art Gallery Wall, Monastery of Tibães, Braga;
2012: 5th National Illustration Encounter, S. João da Madeira | Snoppy Parede, Porto | Collective exhibition of painting and sculpture - São Lourenço Cultural Centre, Almancil | 1st Itinerant Exhibition: Visual Arts, Design and Gender - Palácio D. Manuel and Associação Maio, Évora - exhibition organized by the DAVD of the University of Évora | exhibition of illustrations in tribute to Valter Hugo Mãe - Son of a thousand men - Almeida Garrett Library, Porto | 3rd Encounter of Children/ Youth Literature of SPA – Illustration Exhibition, Almeida Garrett Municipal Library, Porto | ZOO - Ó Galeria, Porto.

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  • Days21 MAY 2016

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