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Launch of two books by Fernando Pernes with a presentation by Lúcia Almeida Matos and Miguel von Hafe Perez
11 DEC 2015
Launch of two books by Fernando Pernes with a presentation by Lúcia Almeida Matos and Miguel von Hafe Perez.

Fernando Pernes, A vocação democrática da arte moderna: De Olympia a Guernica
(Fernando Pernes, the democratic vocation of Modern Art: From Olympia to Guernica)
First volume of the course in History of Modern and Contemporary Art, with selection and organisation by Lucia Almeida Matos
In this volume, Fernando Pernes traces the paths taken by the first avant-garde movements in securing their "democratic vocation”. Evoking social and political environments, philosophical and scientific thought, biographies and different places, Pernes gives life and meaning to images in a speech that engages the contemporary reader and the audience of the first course in Modern Art History that he gave in Serralves in 1997".
Fernando Pernes, Dizer a imagem (Fernando Pernes, stating the image)
Anthology of critical texts, selected and organised by Miguel von Hafe Pérez
"One cannot talk about art criticism in Portugal without mentioning the name of Fernando Pernes. One cannot understand the recent history of Portugal’s institutional and museum landscape without contextualizing his long campaign to alter the panorama of the deficient public structures dedicated to contemporary art, his primordial action for the genesis of a project to create a contemporary art museum in Porto, and his ongoing and finally implemented ambition to align a period of democracy with democratisation of art”. Miguel von Hafe Pérez

Fernando Pernes (1936-2010) played a key role in the creation of a contemporary art museum in Porto, whose programme included the creation of an international collection that provides a context of Portuguese art, the intersection of different artistic practices and the creation of new audiences.
As an art critic, author of dozens of prefaces and critical reviews, regular contributor to numerous Portuguese publications, founder and director of the Centre of Contemporary Art, Porto, professor at the School of Fine Arts, Porto and first artistic director of the Serralves Foundation Fernando Pernes, over five decades, was a major figure in the revitalisation of the Portuguese artistic context and its international projection.

Miguel von Hafe Pérez is an art critic and independent curator.

Lúcia Almeida Matos is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto, and director of the Master of Artistic Studies and the PhD in Art and Design of the same Faculty. He is a researcher at the Institute of Art History of the Faculty of Social  Sciences and Humanities, of the Universidade Nova, Lisbon, where he coordinates the research group in Museum Studies.

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