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09 JUL 2016
Este sábado venha visitar o Parque gratuitamente. A Oliveira da Serra oferece-lhe a entrada todo o dia, e propõe uma oficina sobre a Oliveira milenar do Parque, um magnífico exemplar da família das Oleáceas - oferecido a Serralves pela Oliveira da Serra, em 2010 e considerado uma das árvores mais reconhecidas e notáveis do Parque. 

10:00-13:00 | "Botanical journey through the world of ancient olive trees"

Talking about the Olive tree allows us to travel back in time to the Mediterranean basin. The olive tree has been a source of inspiration since Antiquity, because of the unique vegetable oil that can be extracted from its fruit, that is primarily used as a fuel, ointment and food. This tree has survived thousands of years by adapting itself, becoming domesticated and establishing deep roots in our culture. In this workshop we will explore the botanical curiosities of the Olive tree, learn about its distribution throughout the Iberian Peninsula and reproduce some of the processes and mechanisms used for processing olive oil – such as the mola olearia mill (comprised by one or two cylindrical millstones supported by a vertical shaft), ointments and lamps.
Coordination: Mundo Científico, Lda.
Access: Continuous operation; free entrance and participation, a free sample of "Oliveira da Serra" olive oil.
Location: Clareira das Azinheiras (Park)

  • LocationPark
  • Schedule10h00 - 20h00
  • Days09 JUL 2016

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