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02 APR 2014
Between 2009 and 2011, Marina Rosenfeld developed sound system with a monumental character which she installed in spaces such as Liverpool’s Renshaw Hall car park or New Yorks’s Park Avenue Armory. This system, designated by "P.A.”, was adapted to each space and built with several speakers such as subwoofers and custom made horns. Noise elements, electroacoustic textures and traces of voices were used to activate the architecture of the spaces. In 2012, Rosenfeld invited Warrior Queen – the reputed Jamaican mc connected with rap and dancehall, who infused these traditions in the british dubstep – to make vocal contribution for the LP version of "P.A.”. They were joined the long standing collaborator of the project, Okkyung Lee, known for her radical and virtuosic cello explorations, thus forming the trio for "P.A./HARD LOVE”.
The deep stylistic collision propelled the transformation of Rosenfeld’s compositions beyond conciliatory fantasies. The result transcended in a unexpected way the genre experimentation to reveal the complexities of the sound and the voice in the space, as well as the condition of its public amplification and transmission.

"P.A./HARD LOVE” will have at Serralves its european live debut.


  • LocationAuditorium
  • Schedule22h00 - 24h00
  • Days02 APR 2014
  • Price€ 7,50

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