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from 11 OCT 2018 to 27 JAN 2019
‘Company’ is based on the premise that each film is a letter with an uncertain recipient: a postcard, according to Pedro Costa, which passes around from hand to hand and gathers in itself all layers of time. This notion implies the existence of both a continuity and a community: a gesture that is repeated and updated each and every time anyone creates a film or a cinematic experience.
The exhibition features paintings, sculptures, drawings, books, poems and documents that shed light on the sources and influences of the distinctive poetic language manifest in Pedro Costa’s cinematographic vision. It includes historical portraits of such authors as Géricault or Picasso, alongside contemporary works by Chantal Akerman, Rui Chafes, Paulo Nozolino, Jeff Wall and others. 
The exhibition is organized by the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art and curated by Nuno Crespo and João Ribas, the Director of the Serralves Museum.

Image: Courtesy of Pedro Costa
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13 OCT (SAT)
5:30 PM | Casa de Lava (1994)

9:30 PM | Cavalo Dinheiro (2014)

14 OCT (SUN)
5:30 PM | No Quarto da Vanda (2000)

9:30 PM | Juventude em Marcha (2006)


13 OCT (SAT), 4 PM | Guided visit to the exhibition
by Marta Mateus, film director, and Nuno Crespo, curator of the exhibition

27 OCT (SAT), 5 PM | Guided visit to the exhibition
by João Dias, film director

28 OCT (SUN), 12 PM | Guided visit to the exhibition
by Melissa Rodrigues, educator

17 NOV (SAT), 5 PM | Guided visit to the exhibition
by Joaquim Manuel Caetano, Art historian

24 NOV (SAT), 3:30 PM  Guided visit in Portuguese Sign Language to the exhibition
by Laredo, Cultural Association

25 NOV (SUN), 12 PM | Guided visit to the exhibition
by Melissa Rodrigues, educator

01 DEC (SAT), 5 PM | Guided visit to the exhibition
by Rui Chafes, artist
  • LocationSerralves Museum
  • Days 11 OCT 2018 - 27 JAN 2019

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