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Porto Urban Lab exhibition
from 06 NOV 2014 to 18 NOV 2014
A public exhibition presents the prototypes of the creative projects that have been developed, tested and validated within the framework of the Porto Urban Lab project. 

Location: Edifício AXA, Av. Aliados. 

Exhibition opening hours: 
Mondays from 11:00 to 16:00 
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 20:00 
Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 to 23:00 
Sundays from 11:00 to 19:00
Promote and organise cultural and creative activities at the level of the local community (neighborhood, parish, organization, ...) based on direct financing by citizens.

After reinventing a system of "public moneyboxes”, located in a café in the historic centre of Porto (Sé), the project, Creative Moneybox, was created. The aim is to involve Porto’s local communities, for the benefit of cultural causes - creating an opportunity for presentation and discussion of proposals, as well as their respective funding.
Using a vending machine - in order to be accessible to everyone - it will be used to present cultural and creative projects proposed by participants and subsequently selected by the local community. In this manner anyone will be able to contribute - in cash, or via donation of goods and services - in order to enable the project to be implemented.
The Creative Moneybox will be located in parts of the city that are related to the presented projects. Its main objectives are to promote participatory citizenship and cultural solidarity, based on a principle of self-sustainability.

View the City via a strongly creative identity, fostering: 
• Urban Renewal;
• Encouraging entrepreneurship;
• Creation of jobs, co-working and workshops;
• Integration of the local population in strengthening the identity of Porto;
• Access to culture

The concept began through rehabilitation of vacant buildings, in order to share art, culture, gastronomy, traditions and experiences, by the city’s population, and thereby involve people in strengthening of  Porto’s brand identity. 
Giving voice to the people of Porto through personal expression is inherent to a project such as Porto Sentido. Exploring freedom through art. The city will have a distinct style, with alternative illustrated tours.
In this manner, buildings will be rehabilitated - wherein each space will be associated with a sense (sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste), based on integration of the local population and sharing their experiences. The concept of community will be applied in the true sense of the word - the sense of belonging.

Arrange an option outside "online" channels in order to disseminate Porto’s cultural, in a simple and appealing manner, in view of everyone who is unable to view this information in more traditional channels.

(LETZ GO!) is a project born from the desire to spread cultural information through the city.
The project proposes a new solution to this challenge: involve the local population in this sharing process, through new use of obsolete equipment - such as kiosks, telephone booths and a bus.
Repainted and with a new look reflecting the new colour of the season - "slate" - we return to the nostalgia of the blackboard, in which we can all interact - writing and adding new features and thus share all existing and ongoing cultural events in the city, even those of a more spontaneous nature!
Finally we also intend to share this service with a digital partner and thus convert the virtual and immaterial in a truly viral matter. Then yes, we’re all be culturally contaminated.

Absence of domestic production of plants for culinary use in the urban environment.

In the project, SemeArt, residents of a neighborhood, or anyone who demonstrates an interest and lives in Porto, will be invited to plant a seed that they receive in the post. After the plant grows, the participants will be asked to present it at a public event (in a venue to be determined) where it will be included within an artistic installation. The project will be monitored via social networks.

The project focuses on amplifying a key festivity and tradition of the city of Porto, thus proposing to innovate and improve the city's identity. More than resolving a problem, it’s a way to renew the commemoration of the Feast of S. João.

The starting point for this project is to make it possible to fly in an authentic S.João balloon, thereby endowing a new approach to this tradition. So after seeing the sky full of balloons, we’ll be able to see Porto from their perspective up in the sky, providing a single point of view and giving a new dimension to the city’s identity and historical traditions.
We will offer a hot air balloon trip, including port wine tasting, for an unforgettable finale to this great urban festivity. A new perspective of Porto, aboard a giant S. João balloon, in the company of the historian Celso Cleto.

Contribute to the renewal of the Boavista zone, as an area for social, cultural and tourist dynamics, promoting the zone, with the support of potential partners, as another centre within the city of Porto.

Creation of a network-based association of individual or collective multidisciplinary partners, from the cultural, social, commercial or tourism fields, in order to promote and publicize this zone of the city. Protocols will be signed that will offer benefits for residents (promoting experience of the day-to-day life of the local residential block) and for tourists (promoting demand and experiences in this zone, during their stay in Porto), materialized by means of a resident's card and a tourist passport.

 Loss of the city’s identity-based memories.
• Segregation and isolation of local communities
• Shortage of genuine content from the city

Story Bench stems from the desire to endow life to the city’s benches and the voice of the local community. The project aims to collect stories, traditions, legends and other elements from the city’s local population. These memories will be complemented by guidance and input from entities and consultants from diverse fields.
 Story Bench will provide this content to locals, visitors and users of the surrounding areas via:
• App with videos of the stories told by locals
• Specific signposting placed next to the benches 
• Calendar of events with various themes
"Serralves Ecossistema Criativo" Project co-financed by:
  • LocationAv. Aliados
  • Days 06 NOV 2014 - 18 NOV 2014

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