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05 OCT 2014
Inspired by a text by Valter Hugo Mãe, Síncopa (Syncope) is a reflective work about human existence and the human condition. 
In Síncopa, as the author writes, "the heart and guts, legs and mouth penetrate the bones. Each jot of blood, each corner of the eye, sharp fingernails, even the panting nostrils, everything penetrates the bones. 
The stony and chilling opaque surface of the bones doesn’t reveal anyone’s presence. It’s just like that. The confined, interior, the almost impossible gesture, a gesture that is thinking, only thinking, but can almost be anything. It’s just like that.
The man alone is the dead side of himself, which rots until resurrection. He contains the living side in death. He lives, while manifesting death. He becomes subversive, perverse, sad evil, condemned evil. The man alone fails, due to pain and desire. He says: monster. Because the man alone ends up becoming no-one and his own voice is incapable of illusion. He endures, like someone who is slowly dying, and he slowly becomes attached to silence or groans. Until he says no more, in order to fully coincide with who he is. 
He does everything the wrong way round. The interior, confined gesture, move the man alone - who moves in the world like something that is secret, underground, evil, waiting. The man alone can do almost everything and implode. He receives the house within himself. The rooms, tables, ceiling, offset window, trapdoor, inside the bones. The man alone moves and sinks. The heart and guts between the floorboards, the kneecaps, the feet, the vanishing point on the horizon from the upper balcony. Within the bones. The stomach, hunger, the dream within hunger, the door of the house. "
The play marks the return of the choreographer and performer Tânia Carvalho to the Solo format.
Choreography and performance: Tânia Carvalho
Rehearsal Assistant: Petra Von Gompel
Music: "Nada" by Tânia Carvalho
Text: Valter Hugo Mãe
Costume design: Aleksandar Protic
Lighting design: Zeca Iglésias
Production and dissemination: Sofia Matos
Co-Production and artistic residency: O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo)
Production: Bomba Suicida
Support: Alkantara and Re.Al (Lisbon)
Acknowledgements: Régis Estreich

Photo: Margarida Dias

  • LocationSerralves Auditorium
  • Schedule22h00 - 23h00
  • Days05 OCT 2014
  • Price€ 5,00

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