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“There Are So Many Things Still to Say “ of Omar Amiralay
01 OCT 2014
There Are So Many Things Still to Say is a Syrian documentary film by the director Omar Amiralay. The film was based on an interview with Syrian playwright Saadallah Wannous a few months before he died of cancer.
Wannous, narrates his somber and relentless reflections-an adieu to a generation for whom the Arab-Israeli conflict has been the source of all disillusion. The playwright recounts, with some regret for the lost opportunities that resulted, how the Palestinian struggle became a central part of intellectual life for an entire generation.
Omar Amiralay (1944 — 5 February 2011) was a Syrian documentary film director and prominent civil society activist. He is noted for the strong political criticism in his films and played a prominent role in the events of the Damascus Spring of 2000.

"There Are So Many Things Still to Say " (1997), 50’

Programme related to the exhibition MARWAN: Primeiras obras 1962-1972
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  • Schedule21h30 - 22h30
  • Days01 OCT 2014
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