A guided tour enables participants to increase their knowledge of the Serralves Foundation’s heritage assets, following routes organised by the staff of the Educational Service. Our team is constituted by artists, architects and teachers who, within stipulated guidelines, foster dialogue and sharing of perceptions in order to encourage the development of an inquisitive, free and curious spirit.
The Serralves Museum presents a diversified programme of contemporary art exhibitions. The guided tour aims to contextualise the works on display and encourage the viewer to make associations and identifications, from the perspective of stimulating multiple interpretations. Dialogue is encouraged between works, the educator and the visitor, in order to develop the autonomy of visitors in relation to contemporary art works.

Serralves Museum, designed by the nationally- and internationally-renowned architect, Álvaro Siza, is the starting point for an experience which will link the Museum’s architecture with the architecture of Serralves Villa (a unique example of art deco architecture), and Serralves Park, exploring the history of this landscape and architectural complex that was classified as a National Monument in 2012.
Serralves Park, whether in terms of its design, or its construction period, is now a national and international reference of landscape art from the first half of the 20th century. It’s an ecologically valuable space where, for example, tree species acquire truly exceptional sizes, in particular notable specimens of beech, liquidambar, eucalyptus, pine, oak and chestnut trees. The visit provides a starting point for discovery.
Coordination: educators from the team of Serralves Park’s Educational Service. The team consists of biologists, landscape architects and researchers, who propose different perspectives of the landscape and biodiversity in itineraries adapted to different levels of education.

The Collection of the Serralves Museum Contemporary Art has an important group of works that proposes dialogues between art and nature and related concepts ,between art and landscape. 
In this context, the guided tour of the sculptures developed by the Museum’s team of educators proposes the discovery of the contemporary sculpture collection, by means of a conversational journey that seeks to stimulate the attentive gaze and critical reflection jointly concerning the different languages of art.

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