The visit-workshop offers the opportunity to discover Serralves’ heritage assets via thematic routes, combining theoretical aspects with small exercises in the spaces of the Serralves Foundation, strengthening the communication dynamics adapted to different audiences.

Over the year, the Serralves Museum presents a series of temporary exhibitions, that enable visitors to be surprised by different contemporary art works by various internationally renowned artists. Each Workshop-Visit involves two components: a theoretical, reflective and dialoguing dimension and another based on creative practice, which seeks to encourage dialogue between the art work and the visitor, and between the latter and the context of the work. A specialised educator will accompany and converse with the visitors, from the perspective of valorising different interpretations of the works and exploring the creative potential that contemporary art can awaken in visitors.
Coordination: Andreia Coutinho, Cristina Alves, Inês Caetano, Joana Mendonça, Joana Nascimento, José Maia, Juliana Sá, Magda Silva, Melissa Rodrigues, Patrícia do Vale, Paulo Jesus, Raquel Correia, Raquel Sambade, Rita Faustino, Rita Martins, Rita Roque, Samuel Silva, Sofia Santos, Sónia Borges, Talkie-Walkie
Target audience: pre-school, primary, middle and secondary schools and universities
Duration: 2 hours
Max. no. of participants: 10 students (minimum)/20 students (maximum)
Through space exploration exercises, we reveal the working process of an architect and will experiment with different ways of experiencing space. Serralves Museum, designed by Álvaro Siza is the starting point for different interpretations and recreation of the exhibition spaces. 
Coordination: Andreia Coutinho, Bernardo Amaral, Dalila Gomes, Inês Caetano, João Almeida e Silva,  Talkie-Walkie.
Duration: 2 hours
Max. no. of participants: 10 students (minimum)/20 students (maximum)

In this workshop we will learn the architect’s secret code and how to make a scale model. With drawings in our hands and giant scale models on the floor, we’ll explore, slide, investigate and discover the museum’s spaces. Surprises and challenges await us in each room.
Target audience: pre-school (4 and 5 years old) and primary school (1st cycle)
Location: Museum or Villa

In Serralves you will "do thirty things at once”! A challenge at every step. Playing inside the museum, drawing with magical lines, transforming ramps into slides will be included within the overall fun and games! Using gymnastics we will set off in discovery of space, with arms that convert into lines, legs that will mimic frogs and try to reach the ceiling, daring feet that venture in all directions. In this marathon you will always be a winner!
Target audience: pre-school and primary school (1st cycle) 
Location: Museum, Park or Villa

"No half measures” is an invitation to experience the exhibition space in full, via the body. Dimensions that are experienced through the palms of our hands, angles that embrace each other, perspectives that elude our gaze … Your body will be your ruler, your square, your compass.
Academic materials that we will discover at every step in a journey guided by this giant - Serralves. What history does the place tell us? What coordinates will transform you into a navigator on dry land?
Target audience: middle schools (2nd and 3rd cycles)
Location: Museum, Park or Villa

This activity challenges participants to observe, draw, photograph and find out different details of Serralves Museum. With the help of architectural drawings and with the aid of orientation and memory games, we will develop a mental map. To enable further thought and creativity in a new space, we will design and build an experimental scale model.
Target audience: middle schools (2nd and 3rd cycles) and secondary schools
Location: Museum, Park or Villa

In the sun or the rain, across the four seasons of the year, we’ll challenge participants to discover the biodiversity of Serralves Park. This activity offers a set of "field lessons" for exploration of thematic itineraries: the discovery of plants, the importance of water in the creation of different habitats, in search of newts, salamanders and lizards or understanding some of nature’s bio-indicators, are some of the proposals that unlock the hidden worlds in gardens, on the edge of paths or in tree-tops!
Co-ordination: Anabela Pereira, André Rodrigues, Armando Alves, Dina Marques, Marco Ramos, Mundo Científico - Educação e Divulgação Científica
Target audience: primary and middle schools
Duration: 2 hours
Max. no. of participants: 15 students (minimum)/30 students (maximum) 

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