The Serralves Foundation began its activity in 1989. It is currently recognized as a leading international cultural institution.
Aware of its presence in, and influence on, local, regional and international communities, the Foundation aims to set an example for society in general, by minimizing the environmental impacts of its activities, preventing pollution and actively contributing to sustainable development .
With this goal in mind, the Foundation has implemented an environmental management system, and in 2013, obtained registration in the Community Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and certification under the NP EN ISO 14001 Standard.

In 2009, the Serralves Foundation contracted a specialist company to prepare an Environmental Diagnosis study with the following objectives: to collect and systematize information concerning the Foundation’s situation in the field of environmental management and performance; identify measures to improve the Foundation’s environmental performance, in the area of internal management; identify initiatives and resources required to implement an Environmental Management System in the Foundation and establish guidelines in this field.

On 23 May, 2011 the Serralves Foundation signed a cooperation protocol with the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) in order to implement the EMAS in progressive stages. Since the Serralves Foundation began to implement an environmental management system, it has been taking steps to improve its environmental performance, including the following: installation of flow meters in wells, in order to monitor water consumption; placement of more efficient light bulbs; placement of containers for waste separation; installation of retention basins.

Recognizing the importance of the participation of all employees in this process, the Foundation has also striven to raise employees’ awareness in relation to environmental issues and has sought to foster active and transparent participatation in improving the Foundation’s environmental performance and reduce pollution.

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