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Contemporary Projects

Contemporary Project is a new axis in the programming of the Museum combining a wide range of media and diversity of presentation forms, from exhibitions featuring a single work at the Museum to projects unfolding over several moments and across different periods of time. This will be a dynamic, reactive platform for the exhibiting of works by some of the most relevant contemporary artists active today in Portugal and around the world.

"Yo-yo" is Ana Manso’s first solo exhibition in a museum. It features recent paintings by the young Portuguese painter and two murals produced directly on the walls of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art’ Contemporary Gal...
Contemporary Projects: Rachel Rose DE 2016-09-16 a 2016-11-13
A Minute Ago, 201416 SEP - OCT 2016Everything and More, 201518 OCT - 13 NOV 2016‘Contemporary Projects: Rachel Rose’ presents two recent works by the New York-based artist, that will be presented to the public in two different...
The artistic practice of Mariana Caló (1984, Viana do Castelo) and Francisco Queimadela (1985, Coimbra) encompasses video, Super 8 and 16 mm film, slides, paintings and drawings, generally presented as organized visual environmen...
SALOMÉ LAMAS: PARAFICTION DE 2015-02-20 a 2015-05-03
20 FEB - 15 MAR: Terra de Ninguém [No Man’s Land], 201219 MAR - 12 APR: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 201315 APR - 03 MAY: Mount Ananea (5853), 2015 (première)Salomé Lamas (Lisbon, 1987) is a researcher and filmma...
THE OTOLITH GROUP: NOVAYA ZEMLYA DE 2014-11-01 a 2015-01-11
The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art presents the first exhibition of the work of The Otolith Group in Portugal, as part of its new "Contemporary Projects” series. The exhibition title, Novaya Zemlya, Russian for ‘New...
Music | Dance | Performance
MICHAEL CLARK COMPANY DE 2016-02-29 a 2016-03-20
Hailed as "British dance’s true iconoclast,” Michael Clark is a defining cultural figure. At Serralves, Clark undertakes a three-week residency: a daily choreographic practice culminating in public presentations of the work cr...
THEASTER GATES: The Black Monastic DE 2014-09-07 a 2014-09-19
Artist and musician Theaster Gates will be in monastic retreat with his musical ensemble The Black Monks of Mississippi at the Serralves Museum of Contemporary from 7 to 19 September. This will be the first presentation of work by...
Harry Smith: Cinema DE 2015-10-18 a 2015-11-15
A pioneering experimental filmmaker and a mystic, during the 1950's and 1960’s Harry Smith [1923¬–1991] was also a shaman, an anthropologist, a musical archaeologist and an obsessive collector. Smith tenaciously produced ...

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