Itinerant Exhibitions

The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art aims to be an important reference for contemporary art in Portugal, and also constitute an active element within the international art community. Ensuring that the collection is accessible outside Serralves is therefore reflected in a rich and diverse programme of itinerant exhibitions and international co-productions:
- via itinerant exhibitions in Portugal conducted through partnerships with municipalities across the country, Serralves fosters an extension of the access network and enables local populations to draw closer to art and culture;
- via international co-productions with foreign cultural institutions, Serralves actively participates in international museums networks that are committed to fostering culture and ensuring its development around the world.

Itinerant Exhibitions
PATRÍCIA ALMEIDA - PORTOBELLO DE 2019-05-14 a 2019-12-21
Portobello resultou de várias viagens de Patrícia Almeida (Lisboa, 1970–2017) ao Algarve em 2006 e 2007, entre maio e setembro, com o objetivo de registar as vivências dos turistas que durante o período estival afluem em mas...
Annunciation, 1991Plywood, Iron, BronzeCollection of Serralves Foundation - Museum of Contemporary Art, PortoAcquired in 1992Since the early 1980s, Rui Sanches has been developing one of the most outstanding oeuvres in the field o...
This exhibition offers a glimpse of the formal and conceptual evolution of the work of Pedro Cabrita Reis (b. 1956), which is marked by the combination of memories of everyday gestures and actions, as well as by a wide range of ex...
DE 2019-11-15 a 2020-02-25
Língua Cega apresenta diferentes momentos do percurso do coletivo Oficina Arara – um laboratório equipado para trabalhar em serigrafia projetado como um espaço autónomo e aberto de experimentação em torno da produção de ...
Ana Vieira (Coimbra, 1940 — Lisbon, 2016) is one of the most relevant Portuguese artists from the period spanning the 1960s to recent years. The Serralves Collection includes some her works in various media — objects, installa...

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