Routes and workshops "There is Life in the Park!"

These weekends offer a series of itineraries in the Park and workshops, that focus on the biodiversity that exists in Serralves. Specialist researchers working in Portugal share their stories and adventures, uncovering fascinating details of the natural world, through organised sessions in search and discovery of birds, insects and spiders, bats and micro-mammals, amphibians, reptiles and plants (amongst others). 

A project conducted in partnership with CIBIO – Biodiversity and Genetic Resources Research Centre of the University of Porto.

Children | Young People | Families
Oficina 10h - 11h30Pequenos grandes mamíferos!No Parque existem animais pequenos que nem sempre são visíveis durante o dia porque preferem a noite, quando o movimento é menor e há menos predadores. Queres tornar-te num deteti...

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