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Arboretum + Alberto Carneiro

Latitude: 41.158728
Longitude: -8.655772

As its name suggests, the Arboretum – a landscape area zone dedicated to the collection of tree species - houses some of the oldest and most significant trees in the Park, including Californian Giant Sequoias, Norfolk Island Pines (Araucaria), Atlas Cedars, Camphor trees, Linden trees, Indian Horse-chestnuts and Cork Oak trees.

The Arboretum existed prior to construction of Serralves Villa and Gardens. Several of these trees existed in the gardens of the property owned by the family of Carlos Alberto Cabral, Count of Vizela, and were integrated within Jacques Gréber’s project.

In this part of Serralves Park, around one of the majestic Atlas Cedar trees, there is a sculpture by Alberto Carneiro, called “Ser Àrvore e Arte”.

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