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Central Parterre

Latitude: 41.159297
Longitude: -8.656467

The Central Parterre is structured around descending levels starting from the Grand Terrace, the connecting point between the implantation of the Villa itself and the Sweetgum Alley. The parterre overlooks the River Douro, to the South, and is constructed as a structural and structuring space.

Its geometry defines the spaces included within Serralves Park, in Jacques Gréber’s project. Water is the central element and principal theme, characterising the area as a Parterre d’eau that formally extends along the 500 metres of the axis that terminates in the Southern border of the estate. The intrinsic importance of water devices – pools, channels and a pool with a cup, complemented by the former Large Pool at the end of the axis – assumes decisive importance for the overall quality of the space.

The azulejo tiles covering the pools, characterise and add colour to the watery surfaces, while also making it possible to understand their volumetry. The sides of the Central Parterre are formed by highly informal mixed borders of herbs and shrubs that contrast with the rigorous orthogonal design of the Water Devices.

On the upper lateral planes, two Alleys of Horse Chestnut trees, mimic pre-existing features of the Count of Vizela’s family garden.

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