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Dan Graham

Latitude: 41.1601
Longitude: -8.658331

Dan Graham
Double Exposure, 1995/2003
Mirrored glass, glass, stainless steel, Cibachrome transparency
248 x 410 x 355 cm
Coll. Fundação de Serralves — Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto

Dan Graham (Urbana, Illinois, USA, 1942) uses the conventions of architecture as a form of social interaction.
Double Exposure, one of a body of works using of the form of the pavilion, consists of a triangular-base pavilion with a door through which the interior can be accessed. The external face is mirrored on two sides. On the third a colour transparency has been applied that reproduces the image of the surrounding landscape photographed at dusk on a spring day. From the inside, viewers can see the landscape through the transparency, while the two other sides reflect the Park outside and allow for viewing from the inside. Vision is thus broken down into multiple perspectives in terms of who is looking at what, and from overlapping of a present moment, the actual landscape, and a past moment, the same landscape but photographed.
Double Exposure was commissioned for the Serralves Park as part of the retrospective exhibition at the Museum in 2001, ‘Dan Graham: Works 1965–2000’. The piece was installed in 2003.

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