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Latitude: 41.160447
Longitude: -8.657892

Interspersed by gently rolling paths that contrast with the dominant orthogonal design of the paths that spread out from the Villa and cut across and organise the parterres and other areas of the Park, the Grove is primarily constituted by Beech and American Oak trees and contains some of the Park’s most significant trees, including Red Beech, Cut Leaf Beech and a set of Camellias that belonged to one of the properties acquired by the Count of Vizela, which predate Jacques Gréber’s 1932 project for Serralves Garden.

The predominance of these two caducifoliate tree species contributes to the garden’s accentuated variations over the year, alternating between dense foliage in the Spring and Summer, when the area becomes one of the most pleasant sections of the Park, with filtered sunlight penetrating through the leaves, compared to a great variety of coloured leaves in the Autumn, and almost complete nudity in the Winter, thus highlighting the magnificent architecture of the trees.

In the midst of the Wood’s Grove’s trees and shrubs, visitors will discover the sculpture “Double Exposure/Dupla Exposição” by Dan Graham and “Catoptric Garden” by Ângelo de Sousa.

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