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Latitude: 41.158225
Longitude: -8.6568

Prior to the project of Serralves Villa and Gardens, the Lake was included within the gardens of the estate owned by the family of the Count of Vizela, and has been maintained and integrated in a notable fashion. In line with the taste of the epoch – late 19th/early 20th century, the lake was intended as an exotic and picturesque element, and this character is still apparent today.

In the wake of the 1932 project, the bridge providing access to the island was removed and substituted by a boat for which the anchoring-place in the grotto was designed, built under the steps constructed at that time, but maintaining the Romantic bench, located on the Southern bank, under the shade of a Japanese Elm.

The rocky slope and waterfall, both artificial constructions, also result from this intervention, possibly executed on pre-existing structures and revealing clear mastery in their composition. An exotic and apparently dissonant element within the rest of the project, the Lake is nonetheless coherently integrated within the whole.

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