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Museum Garden + Museum

Latitude: 41.158664
Longitude: -8.658511

The landscape project for the integration of the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum Garden within the Park was based on João Gomes da Silva’s recognition and interpretation of the specific conditions of this locale: a clearing in one of the Park’s border zones, occupying the essential topography of a relatively open basin, extending across the Woodland valley.

The Project redefined the borders of the existing landscape, without mimicking it, and introduced or redesigned borders that mediate and contrast with the large expanses of vegetation that occupy the Park and the clearing in which the building is implanted.

While exploring the different ways of viewing the building and the vegetation in function of varying sunlight, at different times of day and different seasons, the landscape of the Museum of Contemporary Art is based on an association between various forms of spontaneous vegetation from the North of Portugal, in contrast to the Park’s exotic and ornamental vegetation.

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Rua D. João de Castro, 210
4150-417 Porto Portugal
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