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Sweetgum Alley

Latitude: 41.159703
Longitude: -8.6586

The Alley establishes one of the main axes of the Park and its geometry frames all the spaces included within Serralves’ landscape in accordance with Jacques Gréber’s 1932 project.

It is now one of the most significant elements of the Park. Beginning at the octagonal plaza next to the grandiose gate in the Avenida Marechal Gomes da Costa, the first section of the Alley invites us to penetrate the landscape enclosed by the Park.

The artifice of an inflection in the path, announced by sunlight bathing the L-shaped junction that articulates the two sections, reveals a tunnel to the left, of highly accentuated verticality and fresh, dense shadow. In the autumn, intense red hues appear within the dappled shade, resulting from the altered colours of the leaves of the Sweetgum trees.

After passing through this shaded area, moulded by the twin double rows of tree trunks, the sunlight leads us forward and presages our arrival to the Grand Terrace facing the Villa, revealing the Central Parterre to the right.

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