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Latitude: 41.159297
Longitude: -8.656467

Soon after inheriting the family’s summer residence in 1923, Carlos Alberto Cabral - a cultivated and well-travelled man - decided to adapt the villa to the standards of modernity that he so profoundly admired.

The architectural plans for the new house began in 1925, overseen by José Marques da Silva, and were subject to various alterations and interventions. In an initial stage, the architectural drawings foresaw a prudent adaptation of the house that already existed in the estate. However the final project contemplated a new residence built from scratch. The only surviving element of the original building is the late nineteenth century chapel whose structure was maintained and surrounded by the “skin” erected around it.

Various persons were involved in building the Villa, but its authorship may be attributed, with a certain degree of care, to Charles Siclis, who played a decisive role in the project’s global design and José Marques da Silva who developed, altered and executed the building. Several important modifications were introduced by the owner, Carlos Alberto Cabral and as a result of the intervention of Jacques- Émile Ruhlmann, and subsequently Alfred Porteneuve, his nephew and architect by training, who also suggested alterations in order to achieve harmony between the building’s interior and exterior.

The building – that should be viewed as a collective work – was only concluded in 1944, with considerable delays caused by the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War. It is considered to be the most notable example of an Art Deco building in Portugal, even though it was finally completed well after the end of the golden age of this style.

The building is far more audacious than any other buildings in the context of Portuguese architecture at the time - which was still dominated by a nineteenth century style and the beaux-arts orientations, with rare incursions into the field of Art Nouveau.

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